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BaageshawareeA Raga, Beauty
BaageshwariA Musical Raga in Carnatic
BaalaChild, Young, A Young Girl
BaalaaChild, Young
BaalaamaniYoung Girl
BaalahiLittle Girl
BaaminiGoodess Lakshmi
Baanujathe One who Likes Song, The One who Can Sing
BaanuraekhaSun Rays
BaarathiGreat Tamil Poet
BaarikaBe Successful, Bloom
BaavanaFacial Expression
BaawanaFacial Expression
BabaljeetFull with Love
BabaySmall Kid
BabetaLittle Girl
BabhraviVictorious, Carrying
BabhruFierce, Brown, Reddish Brown Cow
BabitaPolite, Born in the First Quarter of the Day
BabithaBorn in the First Quarter of an Astrological Day
BableenImbued in Lord's Name
BabyFollowers of the Sufi Saint Baba
BachendriThe Sense of Speech
BadariJujube Tree
BadarivasaAnother Name of Durga
BadriprasadGift of Badri, God's Gift
BadriyaResembling Full Moon, Moor-like, Cloud
BaebiBaby, Barbie Girl
BagavathiMother of Goddess
BagavathideviName of a Raaga
BagavathyGoddess Lakshmi
BageshriName of a Raaga, Good Luck, Goddess Laxmi
BagirathyGoddess Parvathy
BagulaWhite Duck
BahaBeautiful, Magnificent, Brilliance, Value, Price, Worth
BaharSpring Season, Prime of Life, Bloom of Youth
BahatiMy Luck is Good, Luck or be Lucky
BaheeraDazzling, Brilliant
BaheerathyGoddess Parvathy
BahiraDazzling, Noble Lady, Sparkling, Resplendent
BahiyaaBeautiful, Radiant
BahiyyahBeautiful, Radiant
BahuA Lot, Arm, The Shadow of the Sundial, Daughter-in-law
BahubhujaA River's Name
BahudaGiving Much
BahudamaSuppressor of Many, Strong, Powerful, A Star
BahudantiWith Many Teeth
BahugandhaOne with Lot of Scent, Bud of Champa Flower
BahulaA Star
BahuliManifold, Multiplied, One who has Many Facets
BahumatiExtremely Knowledgeable, Gift
BahupushpaHas Many Flowers
BahuputriWith Many Sons, Durga
BahuratnaRich in Gems
BahurupaWith Many Forms
BaijanthiName of a Flower
BaijantiName of Flower, Lord Vishnu's Favourite
BaijayanthiPrize, Garland of Lord Vishnu
BairaviGoddess Durga
BairavieCarnatik Raga
BaisakhiOf the Month Baishakh
BaishaliAn Ancient City
BakaCrane, Stork
BakavatiVery Attentive, Patient
BakeerathyGoddess Parvathy
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