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EaellisaichelviThe Woman of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaichudarCombination of the Burning Llamp and the Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaiinniyavalMaster in All the Seven Notes, Audiophile One
EaellisaikallaiThe Art of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaikodiThe Woman of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaikumariThe Woman of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaimanniThe One who is Extremely Talented in Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaimathiThe One who is Talented in Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaimozhiArtistically Speaking
EaellisainayagiThe Woman of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaipaamagalA Woman with an Extraordinary Musical Talent
EaellisaipaavaiA Woman with an Extraordinary Musical Talent
EaellisaipozhilBeauty Like Seven Notes
EaellisaiputhalviDaughter of Of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaithendralThe Breeze of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellisaiyarasiThe Queen of Seven Diatonic Notes
EaellukathirSeven Rays
EaenthillaiBeautiful Jewellery, The One who Beautifully Decked with Jewellery
EaenthisaiA Rhythm in a Poetic Form
EasaPerson who Loves God
EashaaDesire, Durga
EashanaLord Shiva, Glorious
EashaniGoddess Parvathi
EashanyeThe Diety who Looks After the Direction Eashanya or East
EashitaOne who Desires
EashtaEashwara's Name
EashtadevataFavourite Diety
EashwariGoddess Parvati
EaswaranayakiWife of Shiva, Wanted
EcchaGoddess Parvati
EcchitaDew Drop
EcchumatiA River
EdhaA Type of Wood, Sacred, Holy
EdhithaProgressed, Increased
EegaiBeing Kind, Giver, Donor
EegaichelviA Kind One, A Philanthropic Woman
EegaivirumpiA Philanthropic Person
EegaiyaalGiver, Benefactress
EehavarasiThe Queen of Kindness
EelaChelviEel-am Girl
EelacheruththaiA Leopard of Eelam
EelachudarA Burning Lamp of the Eelam
EelakathirRays of Eelam
EelakiliParakeet from Eelam, Beautiful
EelakilliEelam Parrot
EelakodiA Youth of Eelam
EelakoomahalDaughter of the Eelam's King
EelakumariA Youth of Eelam
EelamProposed Independent State That Tamils in Sri Lanka
EelamahalThe One Belongs to Eelam, Daughter of Eelam
EelamangaiThe One from Eelam, Maiden of Eelam
EelamathiOne who is Patriotic to Eelam
EelaminnalLightning Over Eelam
EelamozhiLanguage Belongs to Eelam, Tamil Language
EelampiraiYoung Crescent
EelamullaiThe One Belongs to Eelam
Eelanilathe Moon and Eelam
EelanillavuThe Moon of Eelam
EelaputhalviA Daughter of Eelam
EelathamilEelam's Tamil
EelathendralEelam Breeze
EelathirumahalThe One Belongs to Eelam, Daughter of Eelam
EelavarasiThe Queen of Eelam
EelavolliThe Light of Eelam
EelisaichelviMaster of Music
EenakshiWhose Eyes Look Like Deer
EerparasiAn Attractive Queen, Queen of Attraction
EesayiniGoddess Amman
EeshaGoddess Parvati, Purity
EeshaniGoddess Parvati
EesvariGoddess Name
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