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GaandhaariMother of Kaurvas, Wife of Dhutrastra
GaangeyOf Ganga
GaargeeAncient Scholar
GaathaaLovely Story
GaatriGods in Hindu Religion, Similar of Gayatri
GaayathriPhased, Goddess Durga, An Precious Angel, Verse
GaayatreeSacred Verse, A Goddess
GabisaaVariation of 'Kavi' Which Means Song
GaganaThe Sky
GaganadipikaLamp of the Sky, Another Name of the Sun
GaganakundaSky, Heaven, Pool of the Sky
GaganasindhuOcean of the Sky
GagandeepLight of the Sky
GagandipLight of the Sky
GaganjotLight of the Sky
GagniHappy Life
GahanthikaDetermined, Initiative, Creative, Courage
GairikaOne who is Make Herself for Devotion
GajaaniWorship God Ganesh
GajagaminiFascistic Like an Elephant's Walk
GajalaA Deer
GajalakshmiLakshmi who is as Graceful as an Elephant
GajalyaGoddess Name
GajamuhaGod Ganesha
GajaniWorship God Ganesh
GajanikaOne Responsible for Money
GajaraGarland of Flowers
GajdantElephant Teeth, Ganesha, Lord Ganesha
GajendraThe King of Elephants, Precious, Elephant King
GajlakshmeeLakshmi who is as Graceful as an Elephant
GajraGarland of Flowers, A String of Flowers
GamatiWith a Flexible Mind
GambheeraDeep, Serious
GambiriniVery Smart
GaminiWalk, To Run
GamyaBeautiful, A Destiny
GanaGarden, Troop, Going to do Something
GanakshiDesire or Want
GanalathaAffinity with Songs
GananayikaGoddess Parvati
GanaviSinging Song, Melody
GandhaliFragrance of Flower
GandharaSweet Scent, Fragrance
GandhariFrom Gandhara
GandharikaPreparing Perfume
GandharviThe Army of Gandharvas
GanesaKing of the Ganas / Troops, Good Luck
GaneshwariVinayaga, Devotion to God Ganesha
GanevePriceless Wealth
GangaThe Great Holy River, Sacred River of India
GangadeviRiver Ganga
GangaiRiver in India
GangamataGreat Devotee of the Lord
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