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HaadiyaGuide to Righteousness
HaadiyaaGuide to Righteousness
HaalaAureole, Lunar Halo, Glory
HaaranyaDevotion to Lord Shiva- Haran
HaarathiDivine Fire in Puja Ritual, One Way of Worshiping God with Burning Camphor
HaaratiGod Lamp
HaarikaWreath, Beloved of Indra
HaariniResembling a Deer, Wife of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi, Who's Really Good at Math
HaashiniJoyful, Smile, Wonderful, Pleasant
HaasinaBeautiful, Attractive Girl
HaasiniSmiling Girl
HaasinyWonderful, Smiling Girl, Pleasant, Happy or Full of Laughter
HaazanaaFall, Born During Autumn
HabibaForm of Habib, Beloved One
HabibahBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling, Loved One
HaboosName of a Kind and Benevolent Noble Lady who Lived in Lebanon
HadaraBedecked in Beauty
HadiyaGift, Guide to Righteousness
HaekshaLove and Affection
HaemaCrazy in Love
HafaGentle Rain
HaifaSlender, Of Beautiful Body, Slim, Well-shaped, Delicate
HailleyHeroic, From the Hay Meadow, Kluge, Hero
HaimaSnow, Frost, Dew, Golden, Goddess Parvati
HaimaintiHemanta Season
HaimavathiGoddess Lakshmi
HaimavatiParvati, Lord Shiva's Wife
HaimiGolden, Goddess Parvati, Snow
HaithWho Wants Good for Every One
HaitukaWell Wisher
HajjahNarrator of Hadith, Daughter of Murrah
HajnaThe Daughter of Nusayb, She was a Poetess, Gracious, Merciful
HakimahJudicious, Wise
HalaHalo Around the Moon, Plough, Great, Dazzling, Sweetness, Girlfriend, Glorious, Lunar Halo, Glory, Golden, Female Friend, Outline of Brightness Surrounding a Full Moon
HaleemaGentle, Patient, Sympathetic, Mild, Humane
HalimaPatient, Merciful, Poisonous, Gentle, Mannered, Kind
HamaRain, Banks, Shower, Verily
HameedaPraiseworthy, Commendable
HameshaEver, Always
HamidahPraiseworthy, Praising Allah, Appreciative
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