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KaahiniYoung, Spirited, Youthful
KaajalMascara, Surma
Kaajanithe Place to Hold Money
KaakaleeGlow of Lamp
KaalakaDurga, Pupil of the Eye
KaaliGoddess, Goddess Durga
KaamakyaDurga, Granter of Wishes
KaamatchiGoddess Parvathi, Lakshmi
KaamilPerfect, Complete, Accomplished
KaamileePerfection, Perfect
KaanapriyaA Person who Loves to Sing, Audiophile
KaanjanaProduced from Water
KaarajAffairs, Marriage
KaarikaCollection of Philosophical Poetry, Actress, Activity, Dancer
KaarKulaliWith Beautiful Black Hair
KaarmikaDark One, Black Beauty
KaarmilaDark One, Black Beauty
KaarmugilDark Cloud
KaarneeMy Horn, Unique, Arrow, A Good Listener
KaarnikaHeart of the Lotus
KaarthigaiGod Murugan Karthikeyan, November
KaartikaHindu Month Name
KaartikkaHindu Month Name
KaarunikaDark One
KaarunyaCompassionate, Goddess Lakshmi, Merciful, Praiseworthy
KaarunyaaCompassionate, Praiseworthy, Compassion, Merciful
KaashikaName of a Place, Kaashi (Banaras)
KaashniFlower, Goddess Lakshmi, Special
KaashviBright Shining Star
KaasuGold Coin
KaathyayiniGoddess of Power
KaatyaayaneeMoon Light
KaavaeriName of a River
KaavaeryName of a River
KaaveeyaLiterature, Epic-Poem
KaaveriOne of the Major Rivers of India
KaaviaFull of Imagination
KaavinayaPoet, A Poetess, Good Girl
KaaviniComposes Beautiful Poems
KaaviyaaPoem, A Person who Loves to Sing
KaaviyabharathiThe One who Compares with the Greatest Poet Bharathy
KaaviyaniEpic Woman
KaavniA Small Poem
KaavyaPoetry in Motion
KaavyashreePoetry Having 18 Good Characters, Lord Sarasvati's Name
KaavyasriPoetry In Motion, Poetry Having 18 Good Characters
KaayaElder Sister, Body
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