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PaadiniPleasing Song
PaalaviFirst Stanza of Poem
PaanchaaleeAnother Name of Draupadi
PaaraniA Poem About a War Hero who Successfully Destroyed Thousands of Elephant in the War Field, Song
PaariBountiful, Generosity, Bighearted
PaarijataName of Lord Krishna's Favorite Flower
PaarnayaEarthy, Paar Means Earth in Tamil
PaarvateeWife of Lord Shiva
PaavaiBeautiful Girl
PaavakiName of Lord Muruga
PaavanaThe Cause of Blowing, Pure, Holly
PaavarasiQueen of Music
PaavarasyThe Queen of Music
PaavniBeautiful Girl, To Make Pure Something
PaavvaiGentle Woman, Soft One
PaayalAnklet, Type of Jewellery (Leg Chain)
PachaiammaGreen Girl
PadamaLotus, Goddess Lakshmi
PadamdeepThousand Billions, Of Regions, Of Lotus Petalled Lamps
PadamjeetVictory of the Lotus
PadhmasriDivine Lotus
PadhumaiSoft, Smooth, Beautiful Girl
PadimniLike a Flower
PadmaLotus, Goddess Lakshmi
PadmabatiGoddess Lakshmi
PadmadeviDurga Devi
PadmadhariniLotus Holder
PadmagrihaWho Resides in a Lotus
PadmajaLotus Born, Lakshmi
PadmajaiBorn from Lotus, Lakshmi
PadmakaliLotus Bud
PadmakshiOne with Lotus-like Eyes
PadmalaBorn from Lotus, Lakshmi
PadmalayaLotus Dweller, Lake of Lotuses
PadmalekhaWritten with Lotus
PadmalochanaLotus Eyes, Lotus Eyed
PadmamaliniGoddess Lakshmi
PadmamukhiLotus Faced
PadmanaLotus Faced, Another Name for Lakshmiand Saraswati
PadmanjaliAn Offering of Lotuses
PadmapriyaLover of Lotus
PadmarekhaLotus-like Lines on Palm
PadmaroopaLike a Lotus
PadmashreeDivine Lotus
PadmashriGoddess of Wealth, Seated in a Lotus, Divine Lotus
PadmasreeDivine Lotus
PadmasriDivine Lotus
PadmasundaraBeautiful Lotus
PadmavasaOne who Resided in Lotus
PadmavathiGoddess Laxmi
PadmavatiGoddess Lakshmi
PadmineeOne who is Fond of Lotus
PadminiLotus Pond, Name of Goddess Lakshmi and Parvati, Born from Lotus
PadminikaCollection of Lotus
PadmodbhavaSprung from a Lotus
PaerarasiQueen of Queens
PagamPetal of Lotus
PahalFacet, Beginning Initiative, The Start, One of the Name of Goddess Lakshmi.
PaharHour, Time of Day
PahiPetal of a Flower
PainthamizhTeam Are Known As Paintamil, Constitutional, Tell, Tamil Grammer Which Contains Letter
PajasFirmness, Strength, Goddess Laxmi
PajasvatiFirm, Strong, Brilliant
PajikaFeet, Lotus Pond
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