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QabalahResponsibility, Narrator of Hadith, Daughter of Yazeed
QaboolAccepted, Daughter of Abdullah, Early Woman, Freed Slave of Al-mustanjid Billah
QailahOne who Speaks
QamayrNarrator of Hadith
QaraahCloudlet, Kind
QarasafahlNarrator of Hadith
QasoomahPoetess Daughter of Ismail Al-yahudi
QaymayriyahEarly Student of Hadith, Wife of Masrooq
QaysarA Name of Women
QisafBrittle, A Student of Hadith, Daughter of Abdullah Bin Damirah
QishenDeity Krishna
QuaneishaA Combination of the Prefix Qu and Neisha
QuanikaForm of Nika
QuarrtulainGod's Mercy
QuartillaQuartus, Fourth-Born
QuddusiyyahSacred, Pious
QueenBeautiful Girl, Royal, Highest Lady, The Wife of a King, Queen
QueenaFemale Companion, Queen
QueencyLike a Queen, Cuinchy, Fifth, Derived from Roman Clan Name
QuenbyWomanly, Queen's Castle
QuentinOld English for 'from the Queen's Land'
QuestaOne who Searches
QuetaPowerful, House and King, Power, Estate
QuincyLike a Queen
QuinellaForm of Quintana
QuinleeDweller Near the Wood or Clearing, Inspired By a Place Name, Head, Fair-haired Courageous One
QuinleyDescendant of Caoinlean Descendant of the Slender One, Athletic
QuishaHaving a Beautiful Mind
QuisillaLovely, Pretty
QuiteriePeaceful, Quiet
QumudiniA River
QutaylahDaughter of Sayfi Al-ansari, She was a Companion
QutayyahStudent of Hadith who Quoted the Female Companions, Daughter of Haram had this Name
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