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RaaadhikaLove of Krishna
RaadhaaRadha, Krishna's Beloved
RaadhikaKrishna's Girlfriend
RaadhiyaLover of Krishna, Satisfied
RaagaBelongs to Music Terms
RaagamayeeMusical Knowledge by Birth
RaahiTraveller, Good Companion
RaaidaLeader, A Doll
RaaishaLeader, Goddess
RaakaFull Moon
RaakheeA Bond of Love
RaakhiSymbol of Protection, Full Moon in the Sravan Month
RaamratanGod's Jewel
RaamrattanAttentive to God
RaashiSign of the Zodiac
RaawiyaTransmitter, Story Teller, Transmitter of Ancient Arabic Poetry
RaayaGreat Behaviour, Never Lies
RababWhite Cloud
RabiaFamous, Godly, Spring, The Fourth Female
RabitahBond, Tie
RachanaWriter, Creation
RachelInnocence of a Lamb, Sheep, Ewe, Female Sheep, Little Lamb, One with Purity, Jacob's Wife, Lamb, Gental
RachitaPrepared, Creator
RachnaConstruction, Arrangement
RachpinderjeetTrusted in Faith
RaddhaSoul of Krishna, Lord Krishna's Lover
RadhaSuccess, Prosperity, The Beloved of Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna's Lover
RadhamaniBeloved of Lord Krishna
RadharaniCreated, Wife of Shiva ( Rudra )
RadhikaSuccessful, Prosperous, Radha, Lover of Krishna
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