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SaabiraPatient, Enduring
SaadatHappiness, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Blessing, Auspiciousness, Honour
SaadhanaFulfilment, Long Practice, Harmless Person, The Soft One
SaadhanaaPractice, A Quest
SaadhiyaLuck, Social Class, Caste, Flower
SaagaA Storyteller, Fairy Tale
SaagariOf the Ocean
SaagaricaOcean Nymph
SaagarikaWave, Born In the Ocean, **
SaahanaLong Life
SaahanyaLong Life
SaaharikkaHelper, Goddess Durga Devi
SaahebLord Master
SaahithyaThe One has Poetic Skill, Poetry
SaajaniLoving, Well Loved, Beloved
SaajithaArmed, Sajja Means Covered, Ornamented, Dressed
SaalihaGood, Useful
SaalimaSafe, Healthy
SaamaEqual, Heaven, Of a Peaceful Nature, A Year
SaamanthiTold by God, Beautiful Flower, Equality, Fair and Thoughtful
SaambhaviGoddess Durga
SaamiraOne who Reconciles, Gust of Wind, Cool Breeze, Night Talk
SaamiyaElevated, Lofty
SaamuthriyaWealth, Success, Prosperity
SaanchiGoddess Laxmi
SaanchithaCollection of Verses
SaandeepaGood Light
SaanjanaGoddess Parvati
SaankariWife of Lord Siva
SaanmolliQuiet One, One who Speaks Limitedly
SaanviGoddess Lakshmi
SaanvikaGoddess Lakshmi
SaanvithaSaraswati, Laxmi, Saraswathi
SaaralStraight, Simple, Very Easy
SaaranaSurrender, Injuring
SaarangiMusical Instrument, Doe, Distinguished
SaaraniProtecting, Path
SaaranyaSurrenderer, Surrendered
SaarikaCute Name, A Parrot
SaarikaaA Bird, Nightingale, Cuckoo
SaarpreetEssence of Love, Favour or Fortune of God's Love
SaaruNoble Lady, Precious, Noblewoman
SaarushaOne You Can Lean On
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