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TaahiraPure, Chaste
TaamishaDate Palm, The Element Tamara Which Means Spice, Ram, Long Life
TaamraparneeCopper Leaves
TaanStrength, Power, Body
TaanuThe Sweetest.
TaanusiyaA Great Devotee
TaanviBeautiful, Delicate One
TaapaseeA Nakshatra
TaaraaSelf Luminous
TaaranginiFull of Waves, A River
TaarikaA Small Star
TaarikaaSage Shandilya's Daughter
TaariniShe who Frees, Saviour, Goddess Parvati, Another Name for Durga
TaarulyaLoved by All
TabalahNarrator of Hadith, She was the Daughter of Yazid
TabanSplendid, Glittering
TabassumA Flower, Smile- Happiness
TabasummSweet Smile
TabithaGazelle, Roe, Beauty, Grace, Roe-buck, Small Deer
TabithavarthiniGoddess Parvathy, Amman
TabreeshaFree as a Bird
TabuArmy, Excellent, Army Body
TadakaBeater, Murderer
TadakayanaFair Complexioned
TaditprabhaA Flash of Lightening
TadyataSelf Awareness
TahseenahAcclaim, Appreciation
TajCrown, Jewel
TajaCrown, To Mention, Short Form of Anastasia
TajanaSorry, Princess
TalaStiles, Bottom, Gold, Stalking Wolf
TalakaksiWith Green Eyes
TalakhyaWith the Scent of a Palm Tree
TalavaliHead Pain
TalhahNarrator of Hadith
TaliRising, Ascending, Going Up, Rising Star, My Dew
TalikaA Bird
TalisaMy God is a Vow
TallajaExcellent, Happiness
TalleenAbsorbed, Engrossed
TalunaYoung, Wind
TalyaReach Bearer
TamaPalm Tree, Thunder, Night
TamadhurProper Name
TamaliA Tree with Very Dark Bark
TamalikaBelonging to a Place Full of Tamal
TamanDark Black, Wishing Stone Gem
TamanaDesire, Wish, Khwaish, Armaan
TamanaaDesire, Wish, Khwaish, Armaan
TamannaWish, Desire, A Bird
TamaraFlower, Spice, Date Tree, Palm Tree
TamaraiLotus Flower, Beautiful
TamasDarkness, Young
TamasaA River, Darkness
TamayantiName of a Tamilian Queen
TamburaA Musical Instrument
TameemahPoetess, Ahban Al-absiyah
TamikaThe Word Tamu Which Means Sweet, Sweet
TamilalagiBeautiful Tamil, Beauty
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