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VaagaiName of a Beautiful Flower
VaagdeviGoddess of Learning, Saraswath
VaageeshaMaster of Speech, Goddess Saraswati
VaaginiGood Speaker
VaahanyaFlower Like Girl, Flower Garland
VaahilaName of Air
VaahiniFlowing, Armed Force
VaakSpeech, The Spoken Word
VaakaiEn.Wikipedia.Org, Purananuru, It Means for a King to Be Victorious in Battle Http:, Wiki
VaamaaksheeGoddess of Learning, Saraswath
VaanadhiMilky Way
VaanathiThe One who Lives in the Sky, the Sky
VaanathyPerson who Looks Like the Sky
VaangmateeGoddess Saraswati
VaangmayeeGood Speaker
VaaniSpeech, Song, Guru's Voice, Goddess Saraswati
VaanillaFlavour, Reside Under Bilva Tree
VaanishaPure Cute, Queen of the Universe
VaanishaaPure Cute, Queen of the Universe
VaanishriGoddess Saraswati
VaanmathiHighly Knowledgeable, Highly Knowledge
VaanmathyHighly Knowledgeable, Highly Knowledge
VaannilaThe Moon
VaanyaHindu Female Deity of Forests, Van Ki Devi, Idle Daughter
VaapaarTrade, Vocation
VaarahiA Group of Seven or Eight Mother Goddess In the Hindu Religion
VaaranaHoly River, A River
VaaranaaA River, Holy River
VaarannaA River, Holy River
VaarnaGoddess Saraswati
VaaruneeThe Rain
VaasanthySpring Goddess
VaasantiSpring Festival, Durga
VaasaviWife of Indra, Treasury, The Divine Night
VaashiniTo Live Somewhere
VaasukiA Celestial Cobra, Learned
VacasyaReadiness of Speech
VachiGoddess Lakshmi
VachyaBlamed, Goddess Sita
VadhuDaughter in Law
VadivazhagiPromise, Word
VadivukarasiLord Ranganatha
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