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YaadaveGoddess Durga
YaadhaviGoddess Durga
YaagyaseneePretty, Beautiful
YaahanaA Beggar, Priest-Officiating At a Sacrifice
YaalinyThe One who Loves to Play the Instrument 'Yarl', Melodious
YaamilaLovely, Beautiful, Comely, Elegant
YaaminiNight or Nocturnal
YaanelaYellow, Diminutive of, Torch, Derived from the Greek Helen
YaanikaGod is Merciful, Moon
YaarliniMelodious as the Yaaz
YaashanaA Flower
YaashiFamous, Successful, Fame, Good Faith
YaashicaIntelligent Girl, Successful, Success, Yash Ko Prapth Karne Wali
YaashikaBrave Girl, Glory, Famous, Successful
YaashiniOne who Begets Fame, Sweet
YaashinieOne who Begets Fame, Sweet
YaashmithaFamous or Glorious
YaashreeStar, Victorious or Goddess of Victory
YaashwiniYash, Victory, Successful Lady, To Succeed
YaashwinyYash, Victory, Successful Lady, To Succeed
YaathraSacred Journey
YaatraJourney, Sacred Journey
YaazhFame, Eminence, Victory, Glory
YaazhiniYaz, Joy with Love, An Instrument
YachnaSing, Prathna, Establishes
YadaviGoddess Durga
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