Indian names meaning A River

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This is the list of indian names meaning A River or names that mean A River which also serves as indian baby names meaning A River to help you select a name for your child.
AcchodaBoy/GirlLimpid Water With Clear Water A River
AlakanandaGirlName of a River

AlaknandaGirlA River in the Himalayas Flawless
AtreyeeGirlName of a River Container of Glory
AtreyiGirlName of a River Container of Happiness and Wealth
AvaaniGirlOn Course The Bed of a River The Earth
BahubhujaGirl A River's Name
BalavikarnikaGirlA River Apretty Woman
BhilanganaGirlA River
BipashaGirlA River Beas
CauveryGirlName of a River
CaveryGirlName of a River in India
ChandaniGirlStar A River Moonlight Silver Moon Light
ChandiniGirlMoon Star Moonlight Moon Light A River
ChitraGirlExcellent Bright Happiness Drawing Picture A Star Name of a River Art Nakshatra
ChurniGirl The Name of a River
EcchumatiGirlA River
FaishahBoy Head Principal Place of Origin of a River or Torrent
GatitaGirlA River
GhomatiGirlName of a River
GhomtiGirlName of a River
GodavriGirlA River
GolaGirl A River
GomatiGirlName of a River
GomtiGirlA River
HemavathiGirlName of a River
HimadariBoy Ganga River
IchamatiGirlName of a River
IndujaGirlNarmada River
JafarBoyLittle Stream Rivulet A River Stream
JainaGirlThe Lord is Gracious Jehovah has been Gracious Has Shown Favor Ganga River Good Character Gift of God
JalabalaGirlA River
JamnaBoy/GirlSimilar to Yamuna A River Indian River
JanavikaGirlName of a River
KaberiGirlFull of Water A River in South India
KalakalaBoyA Sort of Sound Imitation Like a River Flow
KalindeeGirlYamuna River
KalindiGirlYamuna River
KallolineeGirl Yamuna River Always Happy
KauserGirlA River in Paradise

KaveriGirlA River
KaveryGirl Name of a River
KavipriyaGirlA River
KawtharGirlMuch Abundant Copious Name of a River in Paradise
KoelBoy/GirlThe Indian Cuckoo A Bird A River in Punjab India
KoshaGirlBody Sheath Cashier Origin Treasure Name of a River
KosiGirlA River in North India
KosikaGirlA River in North India A River Name
KshipraGirlName of a River in India Springing Elastic
LauhityaGirlA River
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