Indian names meaning First

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This is the list of indian names meaning First or names that mean First which also serves as indian baby names meaning First to help you select a name for your child.
AadhanBoyBe First
AadhanaGirl Being First

AadhayaGirlFirst Power
AadhimulamBoy One who is Very First of Everything
AadhinarayananBoy The First God
AadhyaGirlBeginning First Power
AadhyasreeGirl First
AadiBoyFirst Most Important
AadidevBoyThe First God
AadidevaBoy Highest God The First God for Prayer The Lord Ganesha
AadijayBoy The First Victory
AadinathBoyGod Supreme Ruler of the Universe The First God
AadishwarBoy Aadishwar Bhagvan First Jain Tirthankara
AadumayilGirlFirst Preliminary Dancing Peacock
AadyaGirlLight The Earliest Lord Shiva One who is Always First and Best Name of Adisakthi Goddess Parvati Name of Aadisakti
AahanaGirlFirst Rays of the Sun Goddess Durga
AarashiGirlFirst Ray of Sun
AarishBoyFirst Ray of Sun
AarunyaGirlSunshine First Ray of the Sun
AarushBoySunshine First Ray of Sun
AarushaGirlFirst Rays of the Morning Sun
AarushiGirlFirst Ray of the Sun First Ray of Sun
AathervBoy First Veda
AathiGirl Sun First
AavaniGirlFirst Month of Tamil Calendar Tamil Month Name
AayanBoy/GirlSpeed Bright A Small but the First Part of an Element Gift of God
AdamBoyRed Earth First Human Being Created by God Red Man To be Red Ruby A Prophet's Name Man of Earth First Human
AdayaGirl One who is Always First and Best
AdenyaBoy First
AdhiBoy/GirlEarth First Mother of Sage Valluvar
AdhikaviBoy First Poet
AdhisankaranBoy First God Lord Shiva
AdhyaGirlSunday First Power
AdiGirlMore Extra Companion of Prophet Muhammad Jewel or Ornament Myth Name Beginning First Born Adornment Jewel Superior The First Primeval Daughter of Earth My Ornament My Witness
AdidaityaBoy The First Demon
AdikaraBoy The First Creator Lord Brahma
AdikaviGirlFirst Poet
AdinarayanaBoyLord Vishnu The First Protector of Beings
AdinathBoy/GirlThe First Lord Lord Siva Lord Vishnu Lord Rishabhdev
AdirajaBoy The First King

AdirathaBoy The First Chariot
AditaGirlThe Sun First Root
AdithaGirlThe First Root
AdityaGirlSun The Sun As Bright as Sun Lord Surya Son of Aditi Goddess Parvati The First Lord of the Sun
AdivakiBoy The First Seer Lord Brahma
AdvitaGirl Unique First One Number One
AdviteeyaBoy/GirlUnique The First One No Second
AdyaGirlToday First Unparalleled 1st Preference Good Beginning
AdyashaGirl The First Hope
AgrajeetaBoy First Champion
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