Indian names meaning Glorious

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This is the list of indian names meaning Glorious or names that mean Glorious which also serves as indian baby names meaning Glorious to help you select a name for your child.
AbhaGirlShining Luster Glorious Beauty Lustre Shine More or Most Beautiful More Splendid
AdhishaktiGirl Glorious Goddess Parvathi

AdishaktiGirlGlorious Goddess Parvathi
AgnistutaBoy Devotee of Fire Glorious Illuminating
AgnivesaBoy Fire Clad One who is as Glorious as Fire
AmitaruciBoy Very Glorious
AnjamiBoy Not Black Nightless Glorious Bright
AnshumatiGirl Wise Glorious Splendid
AnsumatiGirlWise Glorious Splendid
AnusriGirlGlorious Famous
ApanBoy Sun Glorious Brilliant
ArcatBoy Shining Praising Brilliant Glorious
BaltejBoyOne with Glorious Might
BhaaswarBoyGlorious Luminous
BhagiratBoyWith Glorious Chariot
BhagirathaBoyOwns a Glorious Chariot
BhanaviyaBoy Belonging to Sun Sacred Glorious
BharupaBoy With a Glorious Form Shining Brilliant
BhasvaraBoy Luminous Glorious
BhaswarBoyGlorious Luminous
BhrajataBoy Gleaming Glorious
ChitrajyotiGirlWonderfully Glorious
DajshiGirl Glorious
DakshiGirlThe Glorious
EashanaBoy/GirlLord Shiva Glorious
GennoBoy Respond to the Mystery Esoteric Dharma Glorious King
GnanasooriyanBoyGlorious Knowledge
HalaGirlHalo Around the Moon Plough Great Dazzling Sweetness Girlfriend Glorious Lunar Halo Glory Golden Female Friend Outline of Brightness Surrounding a Full Moon
HarbinBoy/GirlLittle Bright Warrior Glorious Warrior Courageous Like God
IqbaljeetBoy Glorious Victory
JaikaarBoy Glorious Victory
JasjeetBoy Glorious Victory
JaskaramBoy Glorious Destiny
JaslokBoy Great and Glorious People
JasmitGirlGlorious Friend Famed
JaspaulGirl Glorious Protector

JastekBoy Glorious Support
JusjeetBoy Glorious Victory
JusmailBoy Glorious Union with God
JusmeetBoy Glorious Friend
KeerthiGirlGlorious Fame Eternal Flame
KhalidBoyImmortal Everlasting Eternal Never-ending Glorious
MahanjeetBoy Glorious Victory
MaharvinBoy Glorious
MahimaGirlGlorious Greatness
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