Indian girl names meaning Graceful female

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This is the list of indian girl names meaning Graceful or female names that mean Graceful which also serves as indian girl baby names meaning Graceful to help you select a name for your new born.
AanyaDifferent Goddess Durga Graceful
AkiraA Natural Graceful Strength Bright Clear Dawn Anchor

AnahitaFull of Grace Graceful
AncikaBeautiful Graceful
AnkareedaNight Star Graceful Shining
AnyaInexhaustible Gracious Graceful Resurrection Favour Grace Form of Anna
CheruGraceful Love
GajalakshmiLakshmi who is as Graceful as an Elephant
GajlakshmeeLakshmi who is as Graceful as an Elephant
GomyaNice and Graceful
GrecyLoves God Graceful Goodwill
GreshyLoves God Graceful
HanaBrahma Happiness Flower Blossom Graceful Merciful Grace of God Unexpected Fortune Love Favourite A Type of Flower Felicity Form of Johanna
HanikaSwan Graceful Like Swan Beautiful
HansagaminiAs Graceful as Swan
JameelaBeautiful Pretty Elegant Graceful Comely
JamilaBeautiful Elegant Elegant Graceful Comely
JamilahBeautiful Graceful Elegant
KaliBud Graceful Beautiful Artistic The Dark One A Bud Goddess Parvati Goddess Kali The Great Goddess A Form of Durga The Black One
KaraTax Hand The Cause of Graceful Beautiful Pure Friend Darling Dear One Beloved
LaasyaSmile Graceful Dance Performed by Goddess Parvathi
LabonitaGraceful Beautiful One
LalikaA Slender Graceful Woman
LalitaBeautiful Woman Variety Beauty Talkative Lovely Desirable Graceful
MaleehahSalty Graceful Brownish Color
NaimaBelonging to One Graceful Comfort Tranquil To be Contented Form of Naemi
OmelaBeautiful Graceful
ParulGraceful Name of a Flower Flow of Water
PrabhavaliShining Graceful A Raga
RiyaGraceful Singer Beautiful A Form of Ria One who Sings Dance
RosanaRose Passionate Quicksilver Graceful Rose Dawn Begin of Day

SabihaBeautiful Graceful Forenoon
ShamshadBeautiful Tree Like Pine Box-tree Graceful
ShobhiniGraceful Splendid
ShrilalitaGraceful Prosperous
SiyonaGraceful Happy
SophiaWisdom Form of Sophie Skill Graceful
SubhrayaProsperous and Graceful Lady
SujithGraceful Nice Body
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