Indian names meaning King

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This is the list of indian names meaning King or names that mean King which also serves as indian baby names meaning King to help you select a name for your child.
AadalarasuBoyKing of Dance
AadhishBoy King

AaghoshBoy A Polite Asking
AarivBoy King of Wisdom
AaryeshBoy The King of Arya
AatheshBoy Lord Ganesh and King
AbbasBoyDescription of a Lion Looking Austere Lion Stern Frowning One Name of Mohammad's Uncle A Family Name
AbhairaajBoy Fearless Kingdom
AbhirajBoyFearless King
AbhisekBoyRitual or Installed as a King Bathing of God
AbhisekaBoy Installed as King
AbhishekaBoy Installed as King
AchlendraBoy King of the Mountains
AdalarachanBoy King of Dance
AdalarasenBoy King of Dance
AdalarasuBoy/GirlKing of Dance
AdheepBoy King Ruler
AdheeshaBoyRuler Emperor King
AdheeshwarBoy Lord of Kings
AdheshtBoy Highest Kingdom Bigger
AdhibuBoy Superior Among the Beings A King
AdhijGirlMaster King
AdhikshitaBoy King Ruler
AdhiksitBoy King Lord
AdhipGirlKing The Light
AdhipaBoy/GirlKing Ruler
AdhiranshuGirl A King
AdhirohanGirlName of a King
AdhiyamaanBoy/GirlName of a King The Sun
AdiishBoy King or Master
AdirajaBoy The First King
AdrirajaBoy King of the Mountain
AgendraBoy/GirlKing of Mountains
AgraharBoyA Plot of a Land Given to a Brahman or a King
AgrajGirlLeader Senior Elder One A King's Son
AhuGirl Calling Invoking
AiswaryaGirlWealth Good Luck Intellectual Thinking Best Beautiful
AjahniBoy He who Wins the Struggle in African Speaking Countries Of Noble Birth

AjamilGirlA Mythological King Unique
AjendraGirlKing of Mountains
AjmilBoyA Mythological King
AjyapaBoy Drinking Clarified Butter
AkalsharanBoyThe One Taking Shelter in God
AkhilashBoy King of All Lord Shiva
AkyhielanBoy King
AlagarasanBoyKing of Beauty Handsome
AlagarasuBoyHandsome King King of Beauty
AlaguGirlGorgeousness Beauty Good Looking Handsome World Beautiful Tresses
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