Indian names meaning Ruler

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This is the list of indian names meaning Ruler or names that mean Ruler which also serves as indian baby names meaning Ruler to help you select a name for your child.
AadhavBoy Ruler
AadinathBoyGod Supreme Ruler of the Universe The First God

AashrithBoyRuler Lard Vinayaka
AbhirajaBoy Fearless Ruler
AdheashBoyRuler Chief
AdheepBoy King Ruler
AdheeshaBoyRuler Emperor King
AdhikshitaBoy King Ruler
AdhiksitaBoy Lord Ruler
AdhipaBoy/GirlKing Ruler
AdonaiBoy Lord My Ruler
AhilBoy Prince Emperor Ruler
AileshBoy Ruler of the World
AmbarisaBoy Ruler of the Sky Atmosphere
AmeerBoyRuler Prince Superior Chief Commander Rich
AmirBoyRich Leader From Kikuyu Wealthy Ruler King Emir Treetop Sheaf Prince Ruler Mighty Strong Prosperous Proclaimed Commander
AmritesaBoy Ruler of the Immortals
AmrtesaBoy Ruler of the Immortals
AshrithBoy/GirlOne who Gives Refuge to Others Ruler God Laxmi
AubreyBoy Bearlike Elf Ruler Ruler of the Elves
BharuBoy Sea Bearing the Load Ruler Gold
BhoolokanathanBoyRuler of the Earth
BhoothanathanBoyRuler of the Earth
BhumitraBoy Friend of the Earth A Ruler
DaksesaBoy Ruler of Daksa
DeenaGirlDivine God Like Jacob's Daughter Judgement Valley Dinah Spear Ruler Silk
DesakaBoyOne who Directs Ruler Guide
DiddaGirl Didda Rani was One of the Celebrated Queens and Ruler of Kashmir
DilrajBoy/GirlKing of Hearts Ruler of Hearts
DinaGirlDay Lord of the Poor Protector Love God has Judged Dinah Spear Ruler Decoration Justified Valley Judge Form of Hebrew Dinah Judged and Vindicated In the Bible Dinah was Jacob's Only Daughter
DinahGirl Avenged or Judged and Vindicated Justified Decoration Valley Spear Ruler
DivyrajBoy Ruler of All Gods
DurgeshGirlKing Ruler Lord of Forts Goddess Durga
DwarkadhishBoyRuler of Dwarka Lord Krishna
EkarayaBoy One Ruler
EllisBoy The Lord is My God Kind Form of Elijah Peaceful Ruler
EmirBoy To Command Prince Home Ruler Friend Commander
HakambirBoy Brave Ruler
HakamjeetBoy Victory of the Ruler

HakemBoy Ruler Governor
HakimBoyAlmighty Judge Wise All-knowing Physician Insightful One of the Ninety-nine Excellent Names of God Ruler Authority
HankBoy Ruler of the Estate Home Ruler
HarryBoyRuler of an Enclosure Form of Harold Army-power Estate Ruler Henry Army Ruler Army Man Home Ruler
HatimBoyJudge Inevitable Ruler King Steadfast
HennaGirlGolden Creeper Home Ruler House Owner Lord of the Manor God was Gracious God has Favoured Me Mehendi
HenrikBoy Form of Henry Ruler of the Home House Owner Lord of the Manor
HenryBoyRuler of the Enclosure Estate Ruler House Owner Lord of the Manor Home Ruler
HiresaBoyRuler of Diamonds
HirRaajBoy Individual and Creative Ruler
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