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This is the list of indian girl names meaning Ruler or female names that mean Ruler which also serves as indian girl baby names meaning Ruler to help you select a name for your new born.
AdhipaKing Ruler

AshrithOne who Gives Refuge to Others Ruler God Laxmi
DeenaDivine God Like Jacob's Daughter Judgement Valley Dinah Spear Ruler Silk
DiddaDidda Rani was One of the Celebrated Queens and Ruler of Kashmir
DilrajKing of Hearts Ruler of Hearts
DinaDay Lord of the Poor Protector Love God has Judged Dinah Spear Ruler Decoration Justified Valley Judge Form of Hebrew Dinah Judged and Vindicated In the Bible Dinah was Jacob's Only Daughter
DinahAvenged or Judged and Vindicated Justified Decoration Valley Spear Ruler
DurgeshKing Ruler Lord of Forts Goddess Durga
HennaGolden Creeper Home Ruler House Owner Lord of the Manor God was Gracious God has Favoured Me Mehendi
JogendraRuler of Yogis Establishing Union with God Lord Shiva
KendraCenter Understanding Knowledge Family Ruler Prophetess Knowing Keen Power Water Baby Magical Wisdom Greatest Champion Centre High Hill
KrupalRuler of the World Unparalleled Kindness Extremely Good Looking
LakhwinderLoved by Many Ruler of 10 Lakh People
LoganayakiGoddess Parvati Rulers of World
LogeisvaryRuler of the World
LogeshwariRuler of the World
MaliRuler First Born Wealth Riches Industrious Striving Work Welsh Form of Molly Bitter Beloved Flower Blessed Fair White
ManrajRuler of the Heart
NarjeetWinner Ruler of Heart
PappalLeader Ruler
PatiLord Ruler Break by Twisting Baskets of Fish Master Pet Form of Patricia
PatniSovereign Ruler Wife
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