Indian names meaning angel

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This is the list of indian names meaning angel or names that mean angel which also serves as indian baby names meaning angel to help you select a name for your child.
AbanBoy Old Arabic Name Dual of Abu 8th Month of the Iranian Calendar Name of a Certain Angel Bloom of Love Little Abbot Waters
AbhinoorGirl Angel

AmaranganiGirl Angel
AmberishBoy An Angel from the Heavens
AngelGirlMessenger of God Angel Messenger Messenger from God Pari
AngelaGirl Heavenly Messenger Angel Messenger from God
AngeliaGirl Angelic Divine Messenger Messenger of God
AngelicaGirl Daughter of a Great Father Angel Sent Scent Sense Angelic Angel Messenger
AngelikaGirlAngelic Messenger from God
AnjaliGirlJoin Hands Palms Together Offering with Both Hands An Angel Offering
AnjumGirlA Token Stars Star Angel
AnnaGirlName of a King Food Grain Earth and Water God is Gracious God has Shown Favour Angel Elder Brother Grace Full of Grace God has Favoured Me Mother Favour and Grace Eagle
AshwathyGirlThe Angel
AswinikumarBoyHealer of Angels and Devas
AurelGirlGolden Haired Golden Angel
AvnendraBoy Angel of God on Earth
BrahmdevBoyGod's Exalted Angel
DevadaiGirl Angel
DevenderBoy King of Angels Indra
DevikaGirlLike an Angel Little Goddess Mother of Krishna Minor Deity Goddess
DineshBoyHappy Husband of Angels Sun God of the Day the Sun
DivyanganiGirlAn Angel
DrivnayneeGirl Angelic Eyes
EvangelinGirl Angel
FariishtaGirl Angel
FarishtaGirl Angel
FenalGirl Angel of Beauty
FravashBoyGuardian Angel
FroharBoy Angel Spirit Spirit which Protects the Soul as a Guardian Angel
GayathriGirlAn Precious Angel The Chant of Salvation Goddess Durga Phased Verse Angle the Chant of Salvation
HrutviGirl Name of an Angel Season
IshuBoyA Ray of Light Angel Sweet Lovely Beautiful
JassiGirlSpecial Angel Beauty
JibrilBoyArchangel Gabriel
KandrayaBoy Wisdom Angel Trust And Loved
KarthikaGirlA Star Hindu Month Son of Lord Shiva Leader of Deva Army Character of Angel Light

LaibaBoy/GirlFemale of the Haven Most Prettiest Angel of Heaven
LaniGirl Angel from Above
LavangiGirlAn Angel
LeishaGirlHappiness Beautiful Angel
LigyGirl Flower of Angel
LirishaGirl Beautiful Angel
MalBoy Messenger of God Lord Krishna Chief Angel
MalaikaGirlAngel Small Child
MalakGirlAngel Messenger
ManochithraGirl Angel of Chitram Drawing
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