Indian names meaning beautiful

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This is the list of indian names meaning beautiful or names that mean beautiful which also serves as indian baby names meaning beautiful to help you select a name for your child.
AaraniGirl Beautiful

AarupaGirl Beautiful
AashinyaGirlBeautiful Home
AashiyanaGirlBeautiful Home Small Dwelling Nest
AasiGirl Very Beautifull Girl Mirror
AbhaGirlShining Luster Glorious Beauty Lustre Shine More or Most Beautiful More Splendid
AbhirupaGirlPleasing Form Handsome Charming Lord Shiva and Vishnu Beautiful Beautiful Woman
AbiramsundariGirl Beautiful Like a Fairy
AdharvaBoy Beautiful Veda
AdinaGirlNoble Minded Decoration Friday Beautiful Gorgeous Delicate Slender Refined Gentle
AfreenGirlEncouragement Beautiful
AhsanBoyMercy Most Beautiful Excellent Most Talented Spiritual Compassion Better
AinaGirlLightning Beautiful Eyed Woman The Only One Pure Virginal Joy Forever Always
AishaanyaGirl Beautiful Life
AiswaryaGirlWealth Good Luck Intellectual Thinking Best Beautiful
AjarBoy/GirlThe God One who is Not Old Without an Enemy Beautiful
AjmalGirlPious Extremely Beautiful Handsome
AjmalaBoy How Beautiful
AkashiniGirl Women with Beautiful Hair
AkharnithaGirlBeautiful Flower
AkshikaGirlOne with Beautiful Eyes
AlagammaiGirl Beautiful
AlaginiGirl Beautiful and Sweet
AlaguGirlGorgeousness Beauty Good Looking Handsome World Beautiful Tresses
AlaguMalarGirl Beautiful Flower
AlaguManiBoy/GirlHandsome Gem Beautiful Gem
AlaguMayilGirl Beautiful Like a Peacock
AlaguValliGirl Beautiful
AlakGirlWorld Beautiful Tresses Enjoyable Person
AlanaGirl Beautiful Darling Child Rock Light and Buoy-any An Offering
AlankaraGirlDecoration Ornament The Beautiful
AlankrithaGirlDecorated Lady Beautiful Girl
AlbeliGirl One who Steals Hearts Beautiful
AlekhyaGirlNice Inteligent Great Warior Which cannot be Written A Beautiful Painting
AlekyaGirlWhich cannot be Written A Beautiful Painting Good Letter
AlpanaGirlDecorative Design Beautiful
AmbuGirlWater Beautiful

AmolroopGirl Beautiful
AmritiGirl Height and Beautiful
AmsrikaGirl Beautiful
AmumBoy Very Beautiful
AnaGirlGrace Form of Anna Gracious God's Favour Resurrection Playful Wanted Favoured Beautiful
AnanyaGirlUnique Limitless Feeling Endless Beautiful Star Matchless Nice
AnbalagiGirlBeautiful Lovable Person Lovely and Beautiful
AnbazhaganBoy Beautiful Lover
AncikaGirl Beautiful Graceful
AndreaGirlManly A Man's Woman Beautiful and Dared St Andrews Feminine Form of Andrew
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