Indian names meaning fire

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This is the list of indian names meaning fire or names that mean fire which also serves as indian baby names meaning fire to help you select a name for your child.
AaghnyaGirlBorn from Fire Goddess Lakshmi
AagneyBoySon of the Fire God

AagneyaBoySon of Agni Son of the Fire
AaratiGirlTowards the Highest Love for God Form of Worship Divine Fire in Ritual
AathiswaranBoyThe Fire
AatishBoy/GirlFireworks Explosive Dynamic Person Name of Lord Ganesh
AatishaGirlFireworks Similar to Aatish
AbhyagniBoyTowards the Fire A Son of Aitasa
AbidBoyWorshipper of Allah Spark of Fire Worshipper of God
AbniGirl Fire
AbraBoy/GirlFire Cloud Lesson A Kind of Boat Example Father of a Multitude
AdaraGirlVirgin Beauty Fire Noble
AdishBoy Lord Shiva Fire
AdmaniBoy Fire
AfrozaGirlQuintessence of Fire Brightened
AganeeGirl Fire
AganyaBoy/GirlUncountable Born from Fire Goddess Lakshmi
AgiraBoy/GirlThe Sun Fire Heaven
AgnaeyieGirl Daughter of Fire
AgnajitaBoy/GirlOne who has Conquered the Fire One who has Conquered
AgneshikaGirl Flame of Fire
AgneyiGirl Daughter of Fire
AgniGirlFire Flame
AgnibahuBoy The Arms of Fire Smoke
AgnibhaBoy/GirlShining Like Fire Shining Like Fire or Gold
AgnibhavGirlBorn in Fire Born of Fire
AgnibhutiBoy Produced from Fire
AgnibijaBoy The Seed of Fire
AgnidattaBoy Given by Fire
AgnidhraBoy Descendant of Fire
AgnijaBoy Born of Fire Lord Vishnu and Kartikeya
AgnijeGirlDaughter of Fire
AgnijitaGirlBranch of Fire
AgnikaBoy Born of Fire
AgnikaaGirl Daughter of Fire Born from the Fire
AgnikanaBoy Particle of Fire Spark
AgniketuBoy Fire Bannered
AgnikumarBoyThe Son of Fire

AgnimasaBoy Shining Like Fire
AgnimitraGirlFriend of Fire Agni's Friend
AgnimugamBoy Face of Fire Face of Conflagration
AgnimukhaBoy Fire Faced
AgnimukhiGirl Fire Faced
AgnipaBoy One who Protects the Fire
AgnipravaBoy/GirlBright as the Fire
AgnirajanBoy Glorified by Fire
AgniruhaBoy Fire Tree The Indian Redwood Tree
AgnishikhaGirlFlames of Fire
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