Indian names meaning gift from god

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This is the list of indian names meaning gift from god or names that mean gift from god which also serves as indian baby names meaning gift from god to help you select a name for your child.
AishleenGirl Gift from God
DurgaduttBoyGift from Godess Durga

HibahGirlGift Grant Donation A Gift from God
IanBoyGod is Gracious Gift from God Form of John
JainiGirl Gift from God
JainithinBoy Gift from God
JanaBoy/GirlMan People Healthy Child Yesterday Harvest God's Gift Gift from God The Lord is Gracious God is Merciful
JanetGirl God's Gracious Gift Female Version of John The Lord is Gracious Gift from God God is Gracious
JasmineGirlA Flower Fragrant Flower Flower of Jasmine Gift from God A Plant in the Olive Family
MathewsBoy Gift from God
MichonBoy Gift from God
MiciahBoy Gift from God
MikaGirlLike God Gift from God Beautiful Increase New Moon Three Trees Together Quick Nimble Lord Child Born on Sunday Intelligent Raccoon God's Child Little Raccoon
NamiyahBoyGift from God
NathanBoyGift from God God has Given Given Husband Controller God Giver Gift Given by God
NivedBoy Purity Gift from God
PrasadaBoy Purity Gift from God
PrasadiniGirl Purity Gift from God
ThavamaniGirlGift from God Thavam Varam
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