Indian names meaning leader

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This is the list of indian names meaning leader or names that mean leader which also serves as indian baby names meaning leader to help you select a name for your child.
AarizBoy/GirlRespectable Man Intelligent Leader of the Nation Sacred Diving
AdhirajaBoy Supreme Leader An Emperor

AdinarayanGirlLord Vishnu Leader
AdithanBoy/GirlLeader The Sun
AgnidurgaGirl Leadership
AgnimaBoy Torch Bearer Leader Elder Brother
AgrajGirlLeader Senior Elder One A King's Son
AgrayanaBoy Leader Oblation
AgrayaniBoy Leader
AgreniBoy First Preceding Leader
AgrimGirlLeader First Beyond Comprehension Beyond Knowledge
AgrimaGirlAdvance Leadership
AkaryaBoy Leadership
AmanarBoy Guide or Leader
AmeeraGirlLeader Princess Rich Woman Similar to Amira Well Populated
AmidBoy Support Leader Chief A Great Man Amin
AmirBoyRich Leader From Kikuyu Wealthy Ruler King Emir Treetop Sheaf Prince Ruler Mighty Strong Prosperous Proclaimed Commander
AnitaGirlGrace Favour Without Guile Leader
AnvitBoy Leader Relation
AthibanBoyLeader Born to Win as a Leader Lord Ayyapa's Alternative Name
AtralarasuBoySkilled King Skillful King or Leader
BadsahBoy Leader or King
BalasenaBoy A Strong Leader
BhavnishBoy King Leader
BhunayakaBoy Leader of the Earth
BhunetriBoy Leader of the Earth
BinderBoy Brave Leader
CakrasenaBoy Commander of the Army Leader
CakravalaBoy Circle Assemblage A Leader
CamarajaBoy Leader of Anarmy
DalapathiBoyLeader of a Group
DalapatiBoyGroup Leader
EkanaiBoy The Only Leader
EkanayakaBoy Sole Leader Lord Shiva
EkshitaGirl Individualistic and Independent Showing Leadership and Drive
EmericBoy Leader

GanadhyakshinaBoyLeader of All the Celestial Bodies
GopatiBoy Owner of Cows Leader Chief
GopesaBoy Leader of the Herdsmen
HadiBoy Guide Leader Guide to Righteousness Gift A Chief One who Guides
HarirajaBoy Leader of the Lions
JasonBoy Healer The Lord is Salvation Mythical Leader Healing
KarhikBoySon of Lord Shiva and Leader of Deva Army Kartik is a Hindu Month
KarnadharaBoyOne who Holds Others by the Ear A Leader Pilot
KarthikaGirlA Star Hindu Month Son of Lord Shiva Leader of Deva Army Character of Angel Light
KhemrajBoy Leader
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