Indian names meaning life

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This is the list of indian names meaning life or names that mean life which also serves as indian baby names meaning life to help you select a name for your child.
AaushBoyLong Life
AayaushiGirlLong Life

AayuBoy/GirlSpan of Life Long Life
AayushGirlLong Life Blessing Love
AayushiGirlFull Moon One with Long Life
AayushmaanBoyWith Long Life
AayushmanBoyLong Life
AayushuGirl Live Long Life
AbahijeevanBoy Fearless Life
AbhaijeevanBoy Fearless Life
AcyutayuBoy With an Impershiable Life
AeshaGirlLove Woman Life
AieshaGirlWoman Alive She who Lives Life Lively Perfect (Women)
AishaGirlLiving Prosperous Lively Woman Life She is Life Alive Wife of Prophet Muhammad Joy Happiness
AishaanyaGirl Beautiful Life
AliniGirl Life
AmanjeevanBoy/GirlLives a Peaceful Life One who Lives a Peaceful Life
AmarBoyForever Long Life Luck Everlasting The Immortal One
AmarapaaliGirl Sweet Girl with Long Life
AmarjeevanBoy Immortal Life
AmirthaGirlElixir of Life
AmritbaanBoyLiving a Nectar-like Way of Life
AmudaGirlA Liquid which when Consumed Makes the Person Live Life-long without a Death Purity Sweetest Food
AnaysuaGirl With a Short Life
AnishaaGirlOne whose Life has No Darkness
AnkurBoyNew Life Glow Sprout
AnshumanBoyBlessed with Long Life The Sun Lord Surya (Sun)
ArionaGirlBringer of Life
ArunabhaGirlRed Glow of the Sun Life Giving
ArunikaGirlPassionate Bright Life Giving Red
AshaGirlHope Aspiration Wish Desire Woman Divine Law and Order Righteousness Light of Hope Life
AshiaGirl Woman Life Lively Wife of Hindu God
AshiahGirl Hope Woman Life
AvhaGirl Oxygen Breathe of Life
AvisaBoy Sky Ocean King Life Giving
AvishBoySun Ocean King Life Giving Earth Sky River
AvmanjeevanBoy One who Lives a Peaceful Life
AvyaBoy The First Life Form All Knowledgeable and All Pure
AvyaktaBoy/GirlInvisible Nonmanifested One who Life is Like Gods Life
AvyakthaGirl One who Life is Like Gods Life

AyeshaGirlDaughter of the Prophet Woman Life Aisha was the Name of the Favourite Wife of the Prophet Mohammed Small One
AyodaBoy Giver of Life
AyoshiGirl Life
AyusBoy Long Life Age Duration of Life Lineage
AyushBoyLong Lived Handsome Long Life
AyushaBoy/GirlLife Life Span
AyushiGirlLong Life
AyushmaanBoy Having Long Life
AyushmanBoyBlessed with Long Life
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