Indian names meaning light

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This is the list of indian names meaning light or names that mean light which also serves as indian baby names meaning light to help you select a name for your child.
AabhavannanBoy Light
AadeepBoy Light

AadyaGirlLight The Earliest Lord Shiva One who is Always First and Best Name of Adisakthi Goddess Parvati Name of Aadisakti
AahaladitaGirlBubbling with Delight
AahlaaditaGirlBubbling with Delight
AahladitaGirlBubbling with Delight
AanandBoyJoy Intelligent Happiness Delightful Blissful Happiness to Come
AatamgoshGirlInner Light
AatmaBoySoul Light of the Lord
AbbieBoy My Father is Light Father of Joy
AbbyBoy Father My Father is Light Father in Rejoicing
AbhaijotBoy Fearless Guided by Light
AbhatiGirlSplendour Light
AbhayanandaGirlDelighting in Fearlessness Delighting in Fearless
AbhignaGirlPrecious Knowledgeable Lighting
AbhimodaGirlJoy Delight
AbhinandaGirlTo Rejoice To Celebrate To Praise To Bless Delight Celebrating
AbhiramaBoy Lovely Delightful
AbhiramanaBoyOne who Delights
AbhiroopaGirlDelightful Beloved
AbhishreeGirlTo Enlighten
AbhishuGirlRay of Light
AbhisuBoyRay of Light
AbinaashjotBoy Eternal Light
AbiradhiGirl Delight Pleasure Joy Jovialit Hilarity
AbnerBoy Father of Light
AdeepBoy/GirlLight The Light that Never Gets off
AdhipGirlKing The Light
AdhiraGirlImpatient Lightning
AdhithanBoy Leading Light
AdnaGirlPleasure Delight In the Bible Name of Two Israelites of the Returned Community
AdrakshBoy Lightning
AdyotaBoy Surrounded by Light Brilliant
AftabGirlSun Sunlight The Sun
AgalyaGirlLovable Light Accommodations Adaptation Fine-tuning

AgamjotGirlGod's Light
AhaanBoyDawn Auspicious Dawn Morning Glory First Ray of Light
AhladGirlJoy Causing Delight Refreshing
AhrenBoy Enlightened
AinaGirlLightning Beautiful Eyed Woman The Only One Pure Virginal Joy Forever Always
AindriGirlLighting of Eyes The Powerful Belongs to the Powerful Another Name of Goddess Durga
AjitaabhaBoy Invincible Light
AkalikiGirl Lightining
AkaljotBoyThe Eternal Light God's Light
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