Indian names meaning love

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This is the list of indian names meaning love or names that mean love which also serves as indian baby names meaning love to help you select a name for your child.
AadritaGirlLots of Love Gathering Adorable

AaminahGirl Safe Secured Name of the Beloved Mother of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
AaradhBoy Deep Rapturous Love Adoration
AaratiGirlTowards the Highest Love for God Form of Worship Divine Fire in Ritual
AashiGirlSmile Love Full Smile
AashiqBoy Adorer Suitor Lover
AashnaGirlHope Devoted to Love
AayushGirlLong Life Blessing Love
AbanBoy Old Arabic Name Dual of Abu 8th Month of the Iranian Calendar Name of a Certain Angel Bloom of Love Little Abbot Waters
AbhaipreetBoy Fearless Love
AbhikGirlBeloved Fearless
AbhiniveshBoy/GirlDesire Love
AbhipreetiGirlFull of Love
AbhipritBoy Victorious Love
AbhiprithiGirlFull of Love
AbhipritiGirl Full of Love
AbhiraamBoy/GirlPleasing Lovely
AbhiramGirlLovely Pleasing Handsome
AbhiramaBoy Lovely Delightful
AbhiroopaGirlDelightful Beloved
AbhisarikaaGirlThe Beloved One
AbhisnehaGirlAffection Desire Love Longing
AbinayaBoy/GirlThe Royal Guard God Pretty Girl Lovely Sweet
AbishniGirl Very Cute Kindly Heart Love of Family
AcharpreetBoy Inanimate Love
AdarshpreetBoy Ideal Love
AditpreetBoy Love for the Sun
AdityapreetBoy Love for the Sun
AeshaGirlLove Woman Life
AgamjeetGirlWho Wins the God Love for God
AgampreetGirlLove for God The Lover of God
AgampremBoy Lover of God
AgyapreetBoy One who Loves to Obey
AharpreetBoy One who Loves Activity
AhavaGirlLoved One
AiyahBoy Love Respect
AjaGirlFire Unborn High Priestess of Mecca Goat Not Born Love of Vishnu One who is Self Existent

AjaipreetBoy Invincible Love
AjanBoyThe Unborn Love of Vishnu
AjeetpreetBoy Invincible Love
AkalchetanBoy Aware of Eternal Love
AkaljogBoy In Union with Eternal Love
AkalpaGirlOrnament Love of God
AkalpreetGirlLove of God One who Loves the Timeless Being
AkalpremBoy Love of God
AkalrasBoy Elixir of God's Love
AkashpreetBoy Love for Sky
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