Indian names meaning moon

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This is the list of indian names meaning moon or names that mean moon which also serves as indian baby names meaning moon to help you select a name for your child.
AadhiraGirlMoon Restless
AayushiGirlFull Moon One with Long Life

AbalenduBoyNot the Nascent Moon The Full Moon
AbhibhavaBoy/GirlOverpowering Powerful Victorious Face Like Moon
AbhicandraGirlHaving a Moon Like Face With a Moon Like Face
AbhichandraBoyHaving a Moon Like Face
AbhramaniGirl Sun or Moon
AghamaBoyThe Moon
AgharnaBoy/GirlThe Moon
AkalkaGirlFree from Impurity Moonlight Pure
AkrsnaBoy Not Black Spotless White Pure Moon
AmalenduGirlSun The Unblemished Moon Full Moon
AmarisGirlChild of the Moon God has Promised Pledged by God
AmbilyGirl Moon
AmritanshuBoy Moon
AmritasuBoy Distilling Nectar Moon
AmritrashmiGirlMoon Light
AmrtaBoy That which Emits Nectar Another Name for the Moon
AmruthamshuBoy The Moon
AmruthanshyuBoy Moon Like
AmrutkiranGirlMoon Light
AnbumathiBoy Anbu-love and Mathi-moon
AniqBoy Elegant Blessed Moon
AnjoriGirlA Shining Light Moonlight
AnsumatBoy Bearer of Rays Luminous The Moon
ArcaBoy Sun Moon
ArdhendruBoy Half Moon
ArdhenduBoyHalf Moon
ArniGirlEagle Eagle Power Moon Sun
ArvanBoyOne of the Moon's Horses
AvaneetGirl Moon
BadarBoyFull Moon Fresh Green
BadrBoyFull Moon
BadriyaGirlResembling Full Moon Moor-like Cloud
BadruBoyBorn at the Full Moon Full Moon
BadruddinBoyThe Moon of the Faith
BalachandarBoyYoung Moon
BalachanderBoyCrescent Moon

BalachandraBoyCrescent Moon
BalachandravBoyThe Crescent Moon
BalchandraBoyYoung Moon
BalenduBoyAssenting Moon
BalyaBoy Powerful Strong Child-like The Crescent Moon
BankimcandraBoy Half Moon Charming but Shrewd
BankimchandraBoyHalf Moon Charming but Shrewd
BanumathiGirlSun and Moon
BhalchandraBoyMoon-crested Lord
BhasantaBoy Illuminating Shining Splendid A Star Sun and Moon
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