Indian names meaning star

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This is the list of indian names meaning star or names that mean star which also serves as indian baby names meaning star to help you select a name for your child.
AadhiraiGirlA Special Star
AasleshaGirl Name of Star

AathaviGirl The Sun is the Star at the Centre of the Solar System It is Almost Perfectly Spherical and Consists of Hot Plasma Interwoven with Magnetic Fields Sun
AathiraiGirlRed Star
AgasthyaGirlA Name of a Sage A Star
AindrilaBoy/GirlFemale Star
AkashdveepBoy Star
AkashdvipBoyStar of the Sky
AkhtarBoy A Star Good Man Good Luck
AkshayaGirlIndestructible Special Star Gold Rich
AlluBoy Stylish Star
AnanyaGirlUnique Limitless Feeling Endless Beautiful Star Matchless Nice
AnaraGirlShooting Star
AnjumGirlA Token Stars Star Angel
AnkareedaGirl Night Star Graceful Shining
AntareshBoyName of a Giant Red Star
AnuradhaGirlName of a Star Bright Star
AnushaGirlFollowing Desires The Universe Beautiful Morning A Star
ArahaBoy/GirlSon of Sun Guiding Star
ArksaBoy Stellar Belonging to Stars
ArminderGirl Falling Star Fearless
AruhiGirlStarting Related to Music
ArundhatiGirlA Star
AryambaGirlStart Mother of Shri Shankaracharya
AshleshaGirlA Star
AshleyaGirl Telugu Birth Star
AshvaniBoy A Star
AshwathiGirlOne of the Star
AshwinBoyKing of King Spear Friend A Star Win Trust Star A Hindu Calendar Month
AshwinaGirlChild of the Star
AshwiniGirlOne of the Constallations Good Girl Name of a Star Female Horse
AslesaBoy Embrace A Constellation of Stars
AsleshaGirlStar A Constellation of Stars Embrace
AswaniGirlName of a Star
AswathiGirlUnknown Horseman Name of a Star
AswiniGirlHealer of Devas Name of Star
AtriBoy/GirlName of Hindu Rishi Name of a Star
BadaatBoyWonderful Surprising Outstripping in Courage and Learning Beginning Start First Instance

BahudamaBoy/GirlSuppressor of Many Strong Powerful A Star
BahulBoyA Star
BahulaGirlA Star
BaradwajBoy A Star
BaraniGirl A Star Nakshatra
BharaniGirlName of a Celestial Star The Second Nakshatra in Hindu Astronomy God of Good Luck One who Fulfils A Nakshathra
BhasantaBoy Illuminating Shining Splendid A Star Sun and Moon
BhenaBoy The Lord of Stars Another Name for Sun and Moon
BishakhaGirlA Star
ChandaniGirlStar A River Moonlight Silver Moon Light
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