Indian names meaning sun

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This is the list of indian names meaning sun or names that mean sun which also serves as indian baby names meaning sun to help you select a name for your child.
AadharBoyBase Brilliant Like the Sun

AadhavanBoySun Brilliant Like the Sun Lord Vishnu
AadheshBoy Sun
AadhilakshmiGirlSummer Sun
AadithyaBoyThe Sun
AaditvaBoy The Sun
AadityapalBoy Protector of the Sun
AadrikBoy Rising Sun Between Mountains
AafreenBoy/GirlEncouragement Sun Brave Acclaim
AaftabBoyThe Sun
AahanaGirlFirst Rays of the Sun Goddess Durga
AalavikaGirl Ray of Sun in Morning
AaleahyaGirl Sunshine
AaliyahGirlSunshine Bright To Ascend High Lofty Sublime Highly Exalted Tall Towering The High Exalted One
AangsumanBoy Sun Rays
AarashiGirlFirst Ray of Sun
AarishBoyFirst Ray of Sun
AarunaBoy/GirlSun The One with Aruna as his Charioteer
AarunyaGirlSunshine First Ray of the Sun
AarushBoySunshine First Ray of Sun
AarushaGirlFirst Rays of the Morning Sun
AarushiGirlFirst Ray of the Sun First Ray of Sun
AasharyaGirlSon of the Sun
AashmanBoy/GirlSon of the Sun
AathaviGirl The Sun is the Star at the Centre of the Solar System It is Almost Perfectly Spherical and Consists of Hot Plasma Interwoven with Magnetic Fields Sun
AathiGirl Sun First
AayanshBoy Sun
AbhirucBoyThe Sun
AbhisumantBoy Radiant Another Name of Sun
AbhisumatBoyRadiant Another Name of Sun
AbhramaniGirl Sun or Moon
AbhyudayaBoyRising Sunrise Elevation Increase Prosperity
AbhyudhayBoy New Sun Rise
AdhavanBoyBrilliant Man of World Sun
AdhiyamaanBoy/GirlName of a King The Sun
AdhyaGirlSunday First Power
AditaGirlThe Sun First Root

AditayaBoy The Sun
AditeyBoyAnother Name of the Sun
AditeyaGirlAnother Name for the Sun Child of Aditi
AdithBoy Sun
AdithanBoy/GirlLeader The Sun
AdithyaBoy/GirlSun God Son of Adithi
AditpalBoy Protector of the Sun
AditpreetBoy Love for the Sun
AdityaGirlSun The Sun As Bright as Sun Lord Surya Son of Aditi Goddess Parvati The First Lord of the Sun
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