Indian names meaning warrior

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This is the list of indian names meaning warrior or names that mean warrior which also serves as indian baby names meaning warrior to help you select a name for your child.
AbhimanyaGirlThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat Son of Arjuna A Warrior
AbhiveerBoy One who Commands One who is Surrounded by Heroes or Warriors

AchetbirBoy Carefree Warrior
AgrasenGirlGreat Warrior of an Arma
AgrasenaBoy Chief Warrior
AjeetveerBoy Unconquerable Warrior
AkalbirGirlGod's Immortal Warrior
AlexanderBoyHelper and Defender of Mankind Protector of Mankind Warrior Defender of Men
AloysiusBoy Renowned Warrior Fame and War A Form of Louis Famous Warrior
AmarjodhBoy Immortal Warrior
AndiBoyMan Warrior
ArmondoBoy Warrior Army Man Soldier
AtraiuBoyGreat Warrior
AtreyuBoy Great Warrior
BalakaraBoy Pambili Karan Warrior
BandiBoy Slave Servant Man Warrior
BirapaarBoy Warrior and Limitless Courage
BirbahadurBoy Brave Warrior
BirbalaBoy Powerful Warrior
BirenBoyLord of Warriors
BirendarBoy Lord of Warriors A Great Warrior
BirendraBoyKing of Warriors
BiresvaraBoy Lord of Warriors
BrahamvirBoy God's Warrior
BrahmveerBoy Lord's Warrior
BrahmvirBoy/GirlGod's Warrior
DhanbirBoy Wealthy Warrior
DharamjodhBoy Righteous Warrior
EasharveerBoy God's Warrior
EkambirBoy Warrior of the Supreme Being One Brave God
EllieGirlLight Nobility All Completely Exalted Sun Ray Shining Light Foreign Famous Warrior
EsharveerBoyGod's Warrior
FajarBoy Brave A Great Warrior
GhanaBoy Dark War Chief Wealth Profit Warrior King Ghana Cloud
GhazawanBoy Warrior Companion of Prophet (SAW)
GhaziBoyWar Champion Hero Conqueror Warrior
GhaziuddinBoy Warrior of Religion
GhaziyahGirl Warrior

GunBoy Warrior
GuneetveerBoy Excellent Warrior
GurbirBoyWarrior of Guru
GurjodhBoy Warrior of Guru
GuruveerBoyWarrior of the Guru
GurveerBoy/GirlWarrior of the Guru
HaraviraBoy A Warrior of God
HarbeerBoyWarrior of God
HarbinBoy/GirlLittle Bright Warrior Glorious Warrior Courageous Like God
HarbirBoy/GirlWarrior of God
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