Indian names meaning wisdom

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This is the list of indian names meaning wisdom or names that mean wisdom which also serves as indian baby names meaning wisdom to help you select a name for your child.
AadishBoyFull of Wisdom Intelligent
AarivBoy King of Wisdom

AbhigjnaGirl Wisdom
AgamyaGirlKnowledge Wisdom
AntargyanBoy Inner Wisdom
ArivBoyKing of Wisdom
ArivanandhanBoyPerson Having Wisdom and Happy
ArivarasuBoyKing of Wisdom
ArivuBoy/GirlIntelligence Wisdom Knowledge
AswanthaBoy/GirlPeepal Tree Holy Tree Buddha Got Wisdom Under it
AthenaGirl Goddess Greek Goddess of Wisdom
BuddhideviGirl Goddess of Wisdom
BuddhikariGirl Bestower of Wisdom
BuddhinathBoyGod of Wisdom
BuddhisagarBoy Sea of Wisdom
BudhjeetBoy Victory for Wisdom
BudhjotBoy Light of Wisdom
BudhleenBoy Absorbed in Wisdom
BudhpreetBoy Love of Wisdom
BudhroopBoy Embodiment of Wisdom
ChaitnyaBoy Consciousness Wisdom Soul Mind Spirit Founder of the Four Principles of Vaishinav Sect A Reincarnation of Krishna
ChattarwantBoy Full of Wisdom
ChetasGirlWisdom Grandeur Soul Heart Mind
DaanishBoyKnowledge Wisdom Learning Science
DanishBoyTo be Clever Knowledge Wisdom One who is Merciful and Foreseeing
DariaGirl Wealthy Rich Nugget of Wisdom Maintain Well Possess Good Possesses a Lot Female Version of Dariu / Darius
DevsujanBoy One with Godly Wisdom
DhimatBoy Possessed with Wisdom One who is Intelligent
DivyashreeGirlDivine Pure Light Source of Wisdom Spiritual Light
EkayanBoyThe Doctrine of Unity Worldly Wisdom
EkayanaBoy Doctrine of Unity Worldly Wisdom
GnanamBoy/GirlWisdom The Bhagvat Gita
GnanaoliBoyBright Wisdom
GnanavelBoyWisdom God Name of Lord Shanmukha
GnanenderBoy Wisdom
GunnitBoyOne Full of Wisdom
HarseeratGirlGod's Wisdom
IrfanBoyWisdom Gratefulness Knowledgeable Learning Prodigy Iron Heart

JnyaneshwarBoyGod of Wisdom
KalanjiyamBoy Repository of Wisdom
KandrayaBoy Wisdom Angel Trust And Loved
KarikaalanBoy The Chola King Known for his Wisdom and Bravery
KendraGirlCenter Understanding Knowledge Family Ruler Prophetess Knowing Keen Power Water Baby Magical Wisdom Greatest Champion Centre High Hill
KishenBoyWisdom Winner Powerful Lord of Kishna
MahangiaanBoy Great Wisdom and Enlightenment
ManisitaGirl Wisdom
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