Dhanishta nakshatra Boys names - Page 1

GeneshaLord GaneshSon of Shiva and Parvati
GengarubanLord Shiva
GennoRespond to the MysteryEsoteric DharmaGlorious King
GenpoOriginal LawEsoteric Dharma
GeraPilgrimageCombatDisputeA Grain
GeyarajanKing of Songs
GudakesaThe Archer Arjuna
GudakeshaThe Archer Arjuna
GuffdSerpent God
GuhaSecret One
GuhamayaSecret PowerSecret Illusion
GuhanLord Murugan
GuhyaConfidential Subject
GuirdeepLight of the Teacher
GulabraiRoseFlowerSimilar to Gulab
GulasekaranGod Name
GulbaghRose GardenParadise
GuldeepRose Lamp
GulfamFlower's ColourRose Faced
GulsanA Flower Garden
GulshanGarden of FlowersRose Garden
GulshanbirBrave in the Rose Garden
GulshandeepLamp of the Rose Garden
GulshanjeetVictory of the Rose Garden
GulshanjotLight of the Rose Garden
GulshanmeetFriendly with the Rose Garden
GulshanpreetLove of the Rose Garden
GulshanroopEmbodiment of the Rose Garden
GuluSweet and Healthy
GulveerSweet Brother
GulwantBeautiful Like Flowers
GulwantpreetLove for the Beautiful Flowers
GulzarGardenerPlace Where Flowers GrowAn Inhabited Town
GulzaraColour Red
GulzarilalName of Lord Krishna
GunaakarAn Ancient King
GunaalanGood HeartMan of Virtues
GunaatamExcellence of the Soul
GunadharBearer of Attributes
GunadhyaRich in Virtues
GunagyaKnower of Virtues
GunajVirtuous Maiden
GunakaalExcellence of the Timeless
GunakarAn Ancient King
GunakaraMine of Virtues
GunaketuFlag of Virtue
GunalanFilled with Virtue
GunamayaEndowed with Virtues
GunanidhiTreasure of Virtues
GunarashiWith a Great Number of VirtuesLord Shiva
GunarasiWith a Great Number of Virtues
GunaratanGood Behavior
GunaratnaJewel of Virtue
GunasagarOcean of Virtues

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