Mrigashirsha nakshatra Girls names - Page 2

KaatyaayaneeMoon Light
KaaveriOne of the Major Rivers of India
KaaviaFull of Imagination
KaavyaPoetry in Motion
KaberiFull of WaterA River in South India
KadaleeDaughter of Moon
KadaliBanana Tree
KadambiOld PlaceCloudOrange Flower
KadambiniAn Array of CloudsGarland of Clouds
KadhambariOne of the Raagam
KadhampariHindu Goddess of KnowledgeEducation
KadhiroliBrilliant Like a Ray of LightIntelligentBrilliant Like a Ray of Sunlight
KadshahA Companion
KadzoriSavoury Made with Besan Flour

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