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BhaanishVisionaryHaving the Faculty of Seeing
BhaargavLord Shiva
BhaaskarThe Sun
BhaasvanLustrousFull of Brightness
BhaavithaName of Goddess Durga
BhabesaLord of Existence
BhadantaTerm of Respect Applied to a Buddhist Mendicant
BhadrakapilLord Shiva
BhadrakayaWell Formed
BhadraksaWhose Eyes Reflect Auspiciousness
BhadrakshOne with Beautiful Eyes
BhadrakshaWhose Eyes Reflect Auspiciousness
BhadramurtiAuspicious FormAn Embodiment of Benevolence
BhadranAuspiciousFortunate Man
BhadrangBeautiful Body
BhadrangaWell Formed Body
BhadrapalaProtector of Goodness
BhadrashreeSandalwood Tree
BhadrasvaNoble HorseOwner of Good Horses
BhadrayuLives a Good Life
BhadresaLord of NoblesHusband of Noble Family
BhadreshLord Shiva
BhadrikaNobleKing Pareekshit's Wife
BhadrinathLord of Mount Badri
BhadyogaA Sage
BhagadityaSun which Grants Riches
BhagalinBedecked with Skulls
BhaganaNextOf the Nature of HappinessHappyJoyful
BhaganetrabhideThe Remover of the Eye of Bhaga
BhagataDevoted One
BhagatbhandarTreasure of Loving Devotion
BhagathDevotee of GodFreedom
BhagatjeetDevotee's Victory
BhagatjeevDevoted Life
BhagatjogLoving Devotion of God
BhagatjotLight of Loving Devotion
BhagatleenAbsorbed in God's Love
BhagatmeetFriend of God's Devotee
BhagatnaamOne who Cherishes Naam
BhagatpreetLove for Devotion
BhagatpremLove of Devotion
BhagatrangColoured by Devotion to God
BhagatroopEmbodiment of Loving Devotion
BhagatveerThe Brave Devotee of God
BhagavaThe God
BhagavaanOf Good FortuneThe Lord
BhagavaanaOf Good FortuneThe Lord
BhagavanOf Great FortuneKingLord
BhagavanaOf Great FortuneKingLord
BhagavantHas a Fortune
BhagavanthThe God
BhagavatamrtThe Nectar of Srimad Bhavatam
BhagavathVery KnowledgeIntuitiveCreativeTheir Aim is to Improve the World and can be Quite AltruisticStrive to See the Big Picture and Achieve Their DreamsInspired by Goddess SarasvatiKnowledgeableInspired
BhagbirLucky Brave
BhageerathA King of Suryavamsha who Brought River Ganga from Heavens to Earth
BhageshLord of Richness
BhagiratWith Glorious Chariot
BhagirathOne who Brought River Ganga to the Earth
BhagirathaOwns a Glorious Chariot
BhagraPanjabi Dance Form
BhagthavatsalGod Fond of Devotees
BhagubalanA LionVery Strong
BhaguriThinks Himself LuckyDesiring Happiness
BhagvaanOf Good FortuneThe Lord
BhagvanOf Good FortuneThe Lord

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