Poorva Aashadh nakshatra Boys names - Page 1

BhoodevLord of Earth
BhoolokanathanRuler of the Earth
BhoomindraBhoomivallabh King of the Earth
BhoomishKing of the Earth
BhoomivallabhKing of the Earth
BhoopalKing of Earth
BhoopatLord of the Earth
BhoopatiLord of the Earth
BhoopenKing of the Earth
BhoopendraKing of KingsEmperorKing of the Earth
BhoopeshKing of the Earth
BhoopinderKing of the Kings
BhoothanathanRuler of the Earth
BhoovanpatiLord of the Lords
BhubandeepThe Sun
BhubaneswarGodLord of the World
BhudarLord Vishnu
BhudebLord of the Earth
BhuderaA Brahman
BhudevLord of the Earth
BhudevaLord of the EarthLord Shiva
BhudhanaWhose Prosperity is the Earth
BhudharLord Vishnu
BhudharaSupporter of the EarthLord KrishnaShiva
BhudhavLord Vishnu
BhugarbhaWomb of the EarthWho Keeps Secrets
BhujaketuHolding a BannerWith a Victorious Arm
BhujangSerpentShivaKing of the Earth
BhujiGranting FavoursPatron
BhujyuWith a Desire to Enjoy
BhukhandA Piece of Earth
BhulpreetUnforgettable Love
BhumanyuOne who is Accepted by AllDevotee of the EarthGrandson of Dushyant
BhumatPossessing the Earth
BhumeshGod of the Earth
BhumidharLord of the Earth
BhumidolPalaceOne of the Three Worlds
BhumijaProduced from the Earth
BhuminSon of the Earth
BhuminderLord of the Earth
BhumindraLord of the Earth
BhumipatiLord of the Earth
BhumisayaSleeping on the Earth
BhumitFriend of Land
BhumitraFriend of the EarthA Ruler
BhumyaBelonging to the Earth
BhunayakaLeader of the Earth
BhuneshLord Shiva
BhunetriLeader of the Earth
BhupaProtector of the Earth
BhupalaGuardian of the Earth
BhupatLord of the Earth
BhupathiLord of the Earth
BhupatiGod of the Earth
BhupendraA King who Rules All over EarthKing of Kings
BhupeshKing of Earth
BhupindarThe King of Kings
BhupindarpalPreserved by God
BhupinderKing of KingsEmperorKing of the EarthThe King of Kings
BhupinderjeetVictory of Supreme God
BhupinderpalProtected by God
BhuprajKingdom of Kings
BhuputraSon of the Earth
BhuranyuWorshipped by the WorldFastAnxiousEfficientChangeableVishnuSun
BhuriMuchAbundantMightyLord VishnuSiva
BhuribalaVery Strong
BhuridaOne who Denotes in Abundance
BhurivasuOne who has a Lot of Wealth
BhurjiName of a Curry
BhusakraIndra of the EarthMuch Renowned
BhushanjeetVictory over Ornaments

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