Punarvasu nakshatra Boys names - Page 1

HaadiyaGuide to Righteousness
HaadyGuiding to the Right
HaadyaGuiding to the Right
HaamidPraising (God)GratefulFrom Kikuyu
HaardHeart's Feeling
HaarithOld Arabic NamePloughmanTiller
HaaroonA Prophet's NameThe Biblical Aaron is the English Language Equivalent
HaashimGenerosityName of Prophet Mohammed's GrandfatherOld Arabic Name
HabeebTo be Loved
HabibFriendBeloved OneDarlingAnother Name for Prophet Muhammad
HabisCompanionNarrator of HadithIbn Sad Al-taiy had this NameAl-tamimi RA also had this Name
HadiGuideLeaderGuide to RighteousnessGiftA ChiefOne who Guides
HafizProtectedGuardianKeeperPreserverOne who Knows the Quran by Heart
HafsYoung LionCollectingGathering
HagramaDense Forest
HahaExclamation of SurpriseWaterSkyBloodMeditation
HaidarLionDerived from HadaraTo DwellStrongStoutFerocious Lion
HaiderLionKing of Jungle
HaihayaThe Horse
HaitukaWell Wisher
HajaraEqual to One Thousand
HajeshGod Siva
HajjajOne who Argues a LotOrbitEye SocketOrgumentDebate
HakambirBrave Ruler
HakamjeetVictory of the Ruler
HakampreetLove for Authority
HakeemWiseAll-knowingOne of God's Ninety-nine QualitiesIntelligentJudicious
HakesaKing of Sound
HakeshLord of Sound
HakimAlmightyJudgeWiseAll-knowingPhysicianInsightfulOne of the Ninety-nine Excellent Names of GodRulerAuthority
HalabhrtCarrying a PloughAnother Name for Krisna's Brother Balarama
HalayudhaWeaponed with a Plough
HaleemLord of Sound
HalimakaPoison Spewing
HalwaniConfectionerStudent of Hadith
HamdanThe Praised One
HamdardFriendCompanionOne who Shares SorrowMercifulKind
HamdevLord of Gold
HameedFriendPraising God
HameerVery Rich King
HamelHome-lover's Estate or Hill with GrassScarred
HamentFirst Season of Year
HamiProtectorDefenderPatronSupporterShow FavorFrom Swahili
HamidFriendPraiseworthyAnother Name for Prophet MuhammadPraisingAllahCommendable
Hamim7 Surah of the Quran Begin with the Letters Ha and MimKnown Only to GodAnother Name for Prophet Muhammad
HamirA Raga
HamishEdgeCornerSupplanterHe who SupplantsSimilar to Jacob
HamlinLittle Home-lover
HammadPraisedOne who Praises God a LotPraising Allah

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