Punarvasu nakshatra Girls names - Page 2

HamnahNarrator of HadithDaughter of Jahsh Al-asdiyah
HamrayBelonging to us
HamreetBeloved of God
HamsaSwanSwan Hamsavahini
HamsapriyaSwan Like
HamsavahiniWho Rides a SwanSarasvati
HamshikaGoddess Saraswathi
HamsikaBeautiful SwanGoddess Saraswati
HamsiniOne who Rides a SwanGoddess Saraswati
HanaBrahmaHappinessFlowerBlossomGracefulMercifulGrace of GodUnexpected FortuneLoveFavouriteA Type of FlowerFelicityForm of Johanna
HaneefaTrue Believer
HaneeshaGift of God
HanfaName of the Wife of Sayyidina Ismail
HaniaGraceFavourApricot from NaraGrain
HanifaTrue BelieverPureTrue and Upright
HanikaSwanGraceful Like SwanBeautiful
HanimaA Wave
HanishaSweetestBeautiful NightSweet as Honey
HanitaOne who Rides a SwanSaraswathi
HaniyaPleasedHappyEncampmentResting Place
HankaGraceFavourApricot from NaraGrain
HannahGraciousGraceGrace of GodFavourGod has Favoured MeMother of SamuelAffectionFavoured Grace
HansagaminiAs Graceful as Swan
HansamalaA Line or Row of Swans
HansanadiniChattering Like a Swan
HansanandiniDaughter of the Swan
HansaveniAnother Name for Saraswathi
HansdhwaniVocal Sound of Swan

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