Shatataraka nakshatra Boys names - Page 1

GobardhanLord Krishna
GobhanuKing of Cattle
GobhilA Sanskrit Scholar
GobindFinder of Cows
GobindaA Cow-herdOne who is Good at Finding CowsLord Krishna
GobinderLord of the King
GobinderjeetVictory of the Lord
GobinderjotLight of the Lord
GodaOne who Gives CowsGoddess
GodharinOne who Keeps Cow
GodhvajaWith the Moon as his Banner
GogaLord of Snake
GoganaA Multitude of Rays
GogulaLord Krishna
GoharDiamondPrecious Stone
GoindanTrue Devotee of God
GokanyaA Maiden who Looks After Cows
GokarnaCow Eared
GokarniCow Eared
GokulA Place Where Lord Krishna was Brought Up
GokulakrishnanSri Krishna
GokulanLord Krishna
GokulananadSri Krishna
GokulanandShri Krishna
GokulanathShri Krishna
GokulanathaSri Krishna
GokulanathanSri Krishna
GokulchandaSri Krishna
GolapMooing of the Cow
GoliBulletRound ShapedTabletRose ColouredRosy
GolokaCows World
GoluRound FacedNaughty Person
GomadhiWealthy in Cows
GomanRich in Herds
GomantakLand Similar to ParadiseFertile LandGood Waters

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