Shatataraka nakshatra Girls names - Page 1

GobindraiGodly Prince
GodaOne who Gives CowsGoddess
GodaavareeGreat River
GodavariIndian River NameSacred River of India
GodavriA River
GoddessDurgaA Delightful Goddess
GodwiniBest Friend
GoharDiamondPrecious Stone
GokamaRiver Godavari
GokilaKing of the World
GolaA River
GolapiParticular Colour
GoldyGoldenGoldGildedForm of Golda
GoliBulletRound ShapedTabletRose ColouredRosy
GomadhiWealthy in Cows
GomathyKing of Beauty
GomatiName of a River
GomattieTributary of River Ganga
GominiOwner of Cattle
GomtiA River
GomyaNice and Graceful
GopaCow-herderGautama's Wife
GopabalaDaughter of a Cow Herd
GopaliHerder of Cows
GopiProtector of CowsWoman who Loves CowsCow-herd WomanMilkmaid Friends of Lord KrishnaCowherd
GopikaLord KrishnaCow-herd Woman
GopilaProtector of CowsA KingKrishna's Friend
GopiniGirlfriends of Lord Krishna
GopuSmartLord KrishnaGopal
GoralLovableThe Fair Girl
GoramaGoddess Parvathi
GormaGoddess Parvati
GorochanaGoddess Parvati
GouraGoddess Parvati
GourinandanaDaughter of Parvati
GouthamiRiver Godavari
GovarthiniGoddess Parvati
GovindammalFair Complexioned
GovindiA Devotee of Lord Krishna
GovindiniBeliever of Lord Venkateshwara

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