Uttara Aashadh nakshatra Boys names - Page 1

BhenaThe Lord of StarsAnother Name for Sun and Moon
BhesajVishnuThe HealerWho Cures the Disease of Birth and Death Cycles
BhodayanA Sage
BhogeeshaThe Lord of Shiva
BhogindraLord of Serpents
BhojName of a Poet KingMeal
BhojaLiberalBestowing Enjoyment
BhojadevaFulfiller of Desires
BhojarajaLord of Generosity
BhojrajAn Ancient King
BholanathLord Shiva
BhonesaLord of the Universe
BhopendraGods Name
BhoumikLand Owner
JaafarRivuletSmall River
JaanakeedaasServant of Janaki
JaanakeeramanHusband of Janaki
JaaneshLord of Men
JabaliStrong as a RockPossessing a Herd of Goats
JabariBraveStrong HeartedCourageousFearless
JabarjangBrave in the Battlefield
JabbarPeasantAll PowerfulMightyOne of the Ninety-nine Excellent Names of GodBarley Grower
JabezGod will Increase Your BoundaryBorne in Pain
JabiloMedicine Man
JabinHe that UnderstandsBuilding
JackGod is GraciousSon of JackHe who SupplantsDiminutive of Jack
JadabendraGod Krishna and Indra
JadhavA Yadava
JadhavaDescendant of Jadu
JaelMountain Goat
JafarLittle StreamRivuletA RiverStream
Jag-JeevanLife of the World
JagThe Universe
JagacandraUniversal Moon
JagachandraMoon of the Universe
JagacitraWonder of the Universe
JagadanandLord Chaitanya's Associate
JagadanandaPlesure of the Universe
JagadatmaSoul of the World
JagadayLife of the Universe
JagadayuLife Spring of the Universe
JagadbanduLord Krishna
JagadeepLight of the World
JagadeeshThe Sun Light of the World
JagadeeshwarEmpire of the World
JagadeeshwaraLord of the Universe
JagadeshKing of the Universe
JagadevLord of the World
JagadevaLord of the World
JagadhidhLord of the World
JagadhishLord of the World
JagadipLamp of the Universe
JagadipaLight of the Universe
JagadisaKing of the Universe
JagadishLord of the Universe
JagadishaGodMaster of the Universe
JagadishwaraLord of the Universe
JagadvikhyatWorld Famous
JagadvyaapinThe Omnipresent in the World
JagajeetConquerer of the World

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