Uttara Bhaadrapadaa nakshatra Boys names - Page 1

DoondiLord Shiva
DudduMilkLove of Sun
DugantDirectionEndlessHorizon End of Sky
DuggaBengali Dialect for Mother Goddess Durga
DuguCuteLovely Son
DukulResting at a Shore
DulalDear One
DulalaBeloved Youth
DularaLoved One
DuliHappyA Female Tortoise
DuliduhaCollector of Pleasures
DunduFlautistA Musician
DundubhaThe Non Poisonous Water SnakeLord Shiva
DunnapothuBuffalo or Ox or Yak
DupinderRadiant Lord
DupinderjitVictory of the Radiant Lord
DuraimuruganLord Murugan
DurairajKing of Royal
DuraisamiKing and God
DuralabhRareDifficult to Attain
DuranjayaA Heroic Son
DurasadaDangerous to be ApproachedDifficult to be Found
DurbailA Heroic Son
DurdharsaDifficult to be Assaulted
DurdharshhaThe Inviolable
DurgadasServantA Devotee of Godess Durga
DurgaduttGift from Godess Durga
DurgamsaGift of Goddess Durga
DurgeshaProtector of Fort
DurgeswarLord of the Fort
DurjaThe Invincible
DurjayDifficult to Conquer
DurjayaDifficult to Conquer
DurjoyMoonDifficult to Achieve
DurmadThe False Pride
DurmadaFalse PrideIllusion
DurmarsaDifficult to Manage
DurmukhaWith a Foul MouthAbusive
DurvankGifted Friend
DurvasaName of a Saint
DurvasasBadly Clad
DurveshA Gift
DurvisahaDifficult to be SupportedLord Shiva
DurvishWho cannot be Affected by Poison
DusanariFull of Vies
DushkritiA King who Married Shankuntala
DushtadamanDestroyer of Enemy
DushyantDestroyer of EvilRaja Dushyant Father of Prince Bharat
DushyantaA King from the Epic MahabharataFather of Prince BharatDestoyer of Evil

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