Kumbha rashi Girls names - Page 1

DaaMorning Star
DaanikaMorning Star
DadhichiName of a Sage
DadhijaDaughter of Milk
DaedeepyaFull of Light
DaevakiWife of VasudevaThe Mother of Lord Krishna
DaevasreeIndian Saint Name
DaeveebaalaDivine Girl
DaeviGoddessThe Diety
DaevikaMinor DeityGoddess
DafiyahNarrator of Hadith
DahadahaBlazingDestroying Enemies
DahanapriyaBeloved of Fire
DairyaniBrave Girl
DaityasenaOne who has an Army of Demons
DaiviPious Soul
DaizyFlowerGirlEye of the DayDay's Eye
DakaTo Eat Something
DaksakanyaAn Able DaughterAnother Name of Durga
DaksayaniGodess ParvatiDaughter of Daksha
DakshaAbleTalentedThe EarthThe Skilled OneSati - Wife of Lord Shiva
DakshakanyaAble Daughter
DakshayaniGoddess ParvathiThe Daughter of DakshaGoddess Durga
DakshiThe Glorious
DakshinaDonation to GodA Donation to God or Priest
DakshinyaGoddess ParvathiModesty
DakshitaBeautifulFully Skill Person
DaksinaRightThe Sense of DirectionCleverFitAbleSouth DirectionGoddess Durga
DaksinakalikaProtectress of the South
DalajaProduced from Petals
DalakamalA Lotus
DalbinderArmy of God in Heaven
DalbinderjitVictorious Army of God in Heaven
DalbirSoldierThe Brave Soldier
DaliA Flower
DalilaGentleDelicateGentleness is her SoulLovelornSeductive
DaljeetThe Conqueror of Forces
DaljinderLove for God
DalmeetTeam Friend
DalwinderArmy of God in Heaven
DamaControl of the SensesSelf-controlRiverOceanOne who Suppresses
DamanOne who ControlsBeautyMysterious
DamanjeetSkirt of the Victor
DamaraGentle GirlCalf
DamarukiSound of Emotion
DamayantiLotus FlowerPretty Dove
DamitaLittle PrincessLittle Noble Woman
DammaThe Soothing Voice
DanaGod is My JudgeA DaneJudgeArbiterMother of the Gods in MythsFrom DenmarkOld English

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