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ChaanakyaName of KautilyaThe Great Scholar
ChaaruchandraBeautiful MoonSon of Rukmani and Lord Krishna
ChaarudattBorn of Beauty
ChaaruhaasWith Beautiful Smile
ChaeralathanKing of Chera
ChagalaGoatA Sage
ChagganThe Zodiac Sign of Aries
ChahelGood Cheer
ChailaHandsome Youth
ChainpreetPeaceful Love
ChaitalConsciousnessNew Year
ChaitanName of KautilyaThe Great Scholar
ChaitnikAiways Peaceful Mind
ChaitnyaConsciousnessWisdomSoulMindSpiritFounder of the Four Principles of Vaishinav SectA Reincarnation of Krishna
ChaityaPertaining to the MindIndividual SoulA Stupa Built in Jain or Buddhist Places of WorshipIts a Buddhist Hindu Shrine in India
ChaityakAbode of ConsciousnessA Place of WorshipA Mountain Near MagadhaWhich is Worshipped
ChakardharLord Vishnu
ChakarpreetLoving Servant
ChakorA Bird Enamoured of the Moon
ChakoraA Bird
ChakraWheelCircleDiscusThe Sun
ChakrabhritDiscus Bearer
ChakrabhujLord Vishnu
ChakradevLord Vishnu
ChakradharName of Lord Vishnu
ChakrapaaniName of Lord Vishnu
ChakrapaniDiscus Holder
ChakravakA Bird
ChakravarteeA Sovereign King
ChakravarthyKingEmperorKing of Kings
ChakravartiKingA Sovereign
ChakravatiWith a DiscusEmperor
ChakreshLord Vishnu
ChakriLord Vishnu
ChakshanHindu Boy
ChallaA Ring
ChalukyaA King
ChalvantA Determined Person
ChamanjeetVictory of Garden
ChamanpreetLove for Garden
ChamanroopBeautiful Like a Garden
ChamarajA King
ChamkaurBattle Field Where Guru Gobind Singh Fought
ChampakA Flower
ChanNickname for JohnLightBelovedAt Peace
ChanakFather of Chaanakya
ChanakySon of Canaka
ChanakyaThe Wise OneBrightGreat ScholarSon of Chanaka
ChanandeepThe Light of God's Feet
ChanandipThe Light of God's Feet
ChananjeetWinning the Service of Guru's Feet
ChananpreetLove for the Light of God
ChanchaljeetVictory of the Lively
ChanchalpreetLove for the Lively
ChandMoonShining Moon
ChandabalFiercely Strong
ChandakThe Moon
ChandanbirSandal Victory
ChandandeepSandal Lamp
ChandanpalPreserver of Sandalwood

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