Mithun rashi Boys names - Page 1

ChhailbehariLord Krishna
ChhandakThe Charioteer of Lord Buddha
ChhatrabhujLord Vishnu
GhaffarMost ForgivingMerciful
GhaibiHeavenly Ghaibi ConcealedHeavenly
GhalibExcellentWinnerConquerorVictoriousTriumphantAnother Name for God
GhamandjeetVictory of Pride
GhamandjotLight of Pride
GhamandpalProtector of Pride
GhamandpreetLove for Pride
GhamandpremLove for Pride
GhanaDarkWar ChiefWealthProfitWarrior KingGhanaCloud
GhanaanandHappy Like Cloud
GhanambuCloud WaterRain
GhananandHappy Like Cloud
GhanapriyaLover of CloudsPeacockLiking Song
GhanaramDependant on CloudsA Garden
GhanashyamLord Krishna
GhanasyaamAnother Name of Lord Krishna
GhanasyamaDark as a Cloud
GhanavanthDignified Person
GhandeepHindu Boy
GhanendraLord of CloudsLord Indra
GhaneshLord Ganesh
GhanishWell Built
GhanshamLord Krishna
GhanshyamLord Krishna
GhansyamName of Krishna God
GhantinOne who Sounds Like a BellLord Shiva
GhanvahanaLord Krishna
GharcheenOne who Realizes the Home Within
GharchetOne who Meditates on the Real Home Within
GharshitHindu Boy
GhasiOne Type of Ryms to Kasi
GhassanFather of a TribeIn the Centre of LifeYouth
GhatajaBorn from a Pitcher
GhatinWith a WaterjarLord Shiva
GhazawanWarriorCompanion of Prophet (SAW)
GhaziWar ChampionHeroConquerorWarrior
GhaziuddinWarrior of Religion
HaadiyaGuide to Righteousness
HaadyGuiding to the Right
HaadyaGuiding to the Right
HaamidPraising (God)GratefulFrom Kikuyu
HaardHeart's Feeling
HaarithOld Arabic NamePloughmanTiller
HaaroonA Prophet's NameThe Biblical Aaron is the English Language Equivalent
HaashimGenerosityName of Prophet Mohammed's GrandfatherOld Arabic Name
HabeebTo be Loved
HabibFriendBeloved OneDarlingAnother Name for Prophet Muhammad
HabisCompanionNarrator of HadithIbn Sad Al-taiy had this NameAl-tamimi RA also had this Name
HadiGuideLeaderGuide to RighteousnessGiftA ChiefOne who Guides

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