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Name: Nutharsha No. of characters: 9 Gender: Girl Origin: Tamil How to pronounce Nutharsha nu-tha-rsha Meaning in english: Used in:

However, it must be taken into consideration that Nutharsha may have some other meaning in various languages. So make sure, the name doesn't mean something bad in other languages. Nutharsha is commonly used as Girl name in Tamil . Our information will help you in thorough research to give the best name possible to your baby. More Indian girl names starting with N


In some cultures, astological aspects are important while considering the baby name.

Full form of Nutharsha : Nice Unconventional Talkative Hard working Active Realistic Self-Controlled Happy Accepting

Rashi / Zodiac Sign: Vrishchika Denoted By: Scorpion Ruling Planet: Mars Tattva / Element: Water or Jala Nakshatra: Anuraadha Symbol: Lotus, Truimphal archway Deity: Mitra Lord / Graha: Shani Numerology: 11 You are born in Anuraadha nakshatra having Shani as lord. The symbol of your name is Lotus, Truimphal archway and protected by Mitra. Rashi of Nutharsha is Vrishchika denoted by Scorpion in Indian zodiac, ruling planet of Nutharsha is Mars and tattva is Water or Jala. Nutharsha have Scorpio or Sagittarius zodiac sign in western culture depending on the birth time and location. . Given are the astrological background associated with Nutharsha to understand different merits and characteristics of the name.

It is believed in many parts around the world that the persons who bears same name has the similar qualities. So it is worth to take a look at Nutharsha namesakes.

Nutharsha Namesakes

Related Names:

Aabirsha Fragrance;
Aadarsha Ideal;
Aakarsha Above Everybody;
Adarsha Ideal;
Akarsha Attractive;
Arsha Warm;Burning with Enthusiasm;Prayer Ceremony;Great;
Barsha Strange;Diminutive of Barbara;From the Greek Barbaros;Foreign Woman;Rain;
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