Japanese baby names

Japan is one of the most developed nations in Asia. It does not have only a long and enchanting history, but it also has a collection of unique and beautiful names.

In modern times, Japanese baby names usually consist of a family name i.e. surname, followed by a given name. Japanese baby names are generally written in kanji (characters usually Chinese in origin but Japanese in pronunciation). Japanese surnames are extremely varied but the three most common used surnames or family names in Japan are Satō, Suzuki, and Takahashi. Some of the Japanese baby names also reflect the birth order, for example Taro which mean 'the first-born male'. The meaning of the Japanese name is quite complex because one Japanese name can have several meanings. Another important factor to note is that, in Japan a baby is assigned an informal name after six days of his birth. The baby is given formal name when he/she turns 16 by arranging a proper naming ceremony.

Below is the list of popular Japanese baby names. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

 AiGBeloved Love, Affection
 AikoGLove Child, Sword Tip
 AinaGLightning, The Only One, Forever, Purity
 AiriGBeloved Jasmine, Messenger, Herald
 AkaneGSomeone You cannot Stop Loving, Red Dye
 AkemiGDawn, Bright And Beautiful
 AkeriGBright, Clear, Intelligent, Graceful Strength
 AkikoGSurrounded By Bright Light
 AkioBShining Man, Bright Man
 AkiraUDawn, Light, Clear, Graceful Strength
 AkiroBDawn, Light, Clear, Graceful Strength
 AkyoBBright Man, Shining Man
 AoiUHollyhock, Blue-Green Colors
 AsukaGSmell of Tomorrow
 AtsukoGChild of Profound Emotions
 AtsusheeBCompassionate Warrior
 AyaGPhrase from the Holy Quran, Aya
 AyakaGColorful Fragrance, Colorful Flower
 AyakoGColorful Ornamental Fabric
 AyaneGColorful Sound Or Design
 AyannGColorful Sound Or Design
 AyanoGFrom Love
 ChihiroGQuestions, Thous
 ChikakoGNahe, Near
 ChinatsuGSummers, Thous
 ChiyoGEternal, 1000 Generations
 ChiyokoGChild of Forever, Child of 1000 Generations
 ChoButterfly, Born At Dawn Butterfly
 ChoeGBorn At Dawn Butterfly, Butterfly
 ChoukoGButterfly Child
 DaichiBFirst Son, Vast Land, Earth, Gr
 DaikiBBig Tree
 DaisukeBBig Help, Great Help
 EitaBThick Crystal
 EmiGEager, Excel, Emulus, Rivaling
 ErykoGSole Ruler, Child Blessed with Logic
 EtsukoGChild of Rejoicing
 FumikoGChild of Beautiful Wealth
 GoroBFifth Son, Fifth
 GouBStrong, Tough
 HachiroBThe Eighth-Born Son
 HachyroBThe Eighth-Born Son
 HanakoGFelicity, Merciful, Favourite, Felicitous
 HarokuBMan, Army, Bright, Shiny
 HaruUSunshine, Spring
 HarukaGFaraway, Far Away
 HarukiBSpring Wood
 HarukoGBorn-In-Spring Child Tranquil, Spring
 HarumaBOne who is Elevated
 HarunaGSpringtime Vegetables
 HarutoBCleared One
 HayatoBQuick Man
 HideakeaBExcellent, Bright
 HideakeeBExcellent, Bright
 HideakiBExcellent, Bright
 HidekiBSuperb Tree
 HideyoUExcellent Male Child
 HikaruUFlashing Brilliance
 HinaGUsed for Denoting Closeness of Individual to Oneself, Henna, Liver, Chick
 HinataUSunny Place
 HirokiBJoy of Wealth, Big Tree
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