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DahaBlazing Very Bright
DahanaA Rudra
DaityaA Non Aryan
DaiwikBy the Grace of God
DakshExpert Talented Fit Fire Gold Son of Lord Brahma Precious Son Son of a Perfect Being Capable Smart
DakshinayanSome Movement of the Sun
DalajitWinning over a Group
DalapathiLeader of a Group
DalapatiGroup Leader
DalbhyaBelonging to Wheels
DalpatiCommander of Group
DamianTo Tame Subdue
DamodarLord Ganapati
DandakA Forest Jungle
DandapaniStaff Handed Holding a Staff in his Hand
DaneshGod of Wealth
DanilaGod is the Judge
DantaCalm A Name for Lord Hanuman
DanujBorn of Danu A Danava
DaraniWorld Earth
DarpadLord Shiva
DarpakKamdev God of Love
DarshLord Krishna
DarshakSpectator Wind Blowing Fast
DarshanSight View To Perceive Vision Philosophy Paying Respect
DarsheelSomething that Looks Good and Sober
DarukDark Skinned Charioteer of Lord Krishna Tree
DarukaDeodar Tree
DarunAs Hard as Wood
DasarathiSon of Dasaratha
DashabahuTen Armed
DasharathThe Father of Lord Rama
DasharathiLord Rama
DattaGiven Granted Presented Gardien
DattatreyaGift of Atri
DatteyLord Indra
DayadaSon Inheritor
DayakarMercy Man Merciful Lord Shiva
DayalKind and Merciful Kind Hearted
DayalanRhyming Variant of Waylon - a Historical Blacksmith with Supernatural Powers
DayamayFull of Mercy
DayanandOne who Likes Being Merciful
DayanidhiTreasure House of Mercy
DayasagarExtremely Kind Sea of Mercy
DayasagaraOcean of Mercy
DayashankarMerciful Lord Shiva
DebashisBenediction of God
DebashishPleased by Gods
DebjitOne who has Conquered Gods
DeenabandhavProtector of the Downtrodden
DeenabandhuFriend of the Poor
DeenanathLord of the Poor
DeenathLord Vishnu
DeepaanLighting Up Illumination
DeepakLamp Kindle Lustrous Lights Prakash Lifeline Moon Candle Light
DeepanLighting Up
DeepankarOne who Lights Lamps Lord of Light
DeependraLord of Light
DeependuBright Moon
DeepeshLord of Light
DeeptanshuThe Sun
DeeptenduBright Moon
DehabhujAnother Name for Lord Shiva
DeivamaniBlessed Gem
DenadayalHumble and Merciful
DevBard Poet God King Immortal Charming Awesome Abbreviation of Names Beginning with Dev
DevabrataA Name of Bhisma
DevachandraMoon Among the Gods
DevadarshanRelated to the Gods
DevadasFollower of God
DevadattGift of the God
DevadattaGod Given
DevadevaLord of All Lords
DevadheepBrightness of the Lamp Light
DevadhipBrightness of the Lamp Light
DevadhipaLord of the Gods
DevaduttGift of God
DevadyumnaGod's Glory
DevagyaWith Knowledge of God
DevajFrom God
DevajutaThe One with the Good
DevajyotBrightness of the Lord
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