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JaabirConsoler Comforter
JaafarRivulet Small River
JabezGod will Increase Your Boundary Borne in Pain
JadhavA Yadava
JagThe Universe
JagachandraMoon of the Universe
JagadayuLife Spring of the Universe
JagadbanduLord Krishna
JagadeepLight of the World
JagadeshKing of the Universe
JagadevLord of the World
JagadhidhLord of the World
JagadhishLord of the World
JagadipLamp of the Universe
JagadishLord of the Universe
JagajeetConquerer of the World
JagajeevanLife of the World
JaganUniverse World
JaganmaySpread over the Universe
JagannathLord of the World Lord Vishnu
JagatThe Universe
JagatbehariWorld Traveler Jagvihari
JagatguruPreceptor of the World
JagathThe Universe
JagatkishorWorld Child
JagatpalCaretaker of the World God
JagatprabhuGod of the World
JagatprakashLight of the World
JagatveerBravest in the World Jagveer
JagdeepLight of the Universe Light of the World
JagdeoGod of the World
JagdishKing of the World
JageshLord of the World
JaggerHunter A Teamster Strong Loyal
JagishLord of the Universe
JagjeevanWorldly Life
JagjivanLife of the World Worldly Life
JagmohanOne who Attracts the World
JagreetWorld's Way
JahanThe World Universe Word
JahnuA Rishi
JaichandVictory of the Moon
JaidayalVictory of Kindness
JaideepVictory to the Light
JaidevGod of Victory
JaigopalVictory of Lord Krishna
JaikapeeshHail Monkey God
JaikrishnaVictory of Lord Krishna
JaiminStrifes to Triumph
JainamFollowing Janism
JainilVictorious God Swami Narayan Victory of Blue
JaipalLord Brahma
JairajLord of Victory
JairamVictory of Lord Rama
JaisalFamous Folk
JaishankarVictory of Lord Shiva
JaisukhJoy of Winning
JaithraLord Vishnu
JaitraLeading to Victory
JaivalLife Giving
JaivardhanLord Shiva
JakariousPeaceful Friend
JalaalGlory of the Faith Splendour Grandeur Glory
JaladGiving Water
JalalGlory Loftiness Sublimity Glory of the Faith Greatness Another Name for God Famous Important Exalted Grandeur
JalbhushanOrnament of Water
JaldevGod of Water
JalenderLord of Waters
JalendraLord of the Water
JalenduMoon in the Water J God Shiva
JaleshLord of Water
JalilRevered Capable Mighty Exalted Honourable Great Radiance Influence
JalindraLord of the Water
JamaalBeauty Handsome
JamalHandsome Being Fair Beauty Grace Elegance Camel
JameelBeautiful Handsome
JanakFather of Sita Creator Good Man
JanakibhushanOrnament of Janki
JanakidasServant of Janaki
JanakinathLord Rama
JanakiramanHusband of Janaki
JanamejayA M Janardan Lord Vishnu
JanardanOne who Helps People
JanardhanOne who Helps People
JanavProtecting Men
JaneshLord of Men
JankeshLord of his Subjects
JanmeshThe King of his Kundli
JanvijayWin over People
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