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NaagA Big Serpent
NaaradAn Ancient Sage
NaavalanDebater Orator Well-versed in the Arts
NabarunMorning Sun
NabenduNew Moon
NabhanyuEternal New Ambition
NabhenduNew Moon
NabhijLord Brahama
NabhojBorn in Sky
NabhomaniJewel of the Sky Sun
NachikA Short Form of Nachiketa
NachiketSon of Vajashravas
NachiketaAn Ancient Rishi Fire
NadeeshGod of River Ocean
NadinLord of Rivers
NadirPinnacle Rare and Valuable Rare Dear Precious
NaganathKing of Snake
NagarathnaSnakes Diamond
NagarinLord of a Town
NagarjunBest Among the Snakes
NagdharOne who Adornes Mountain
NagendraSeshnag Snake
NageshCosmic Serpent Seshnag
NageshwaranLord Snake
NaggarLord Krishna
NagpalSaviour of Serpents
NagpatiKing of Serpents Vaasuki
NahushName of an Ancient King
NahushaA Mythological King
NaimishMomentary Transient A Mythological Forest
NairitSouth West
NaishadhKing Nala A Hero from the Mahabharata who was King of Nishadha
NaitikRegular Ethical Good in Nature
NakkeeranName of a Brave Poet
NaksatrarajaKing of Stars
NakulName of One of the Pandavas Lord Shiva
NalAn Ancient King Champion
NalanLord Shiva
NaleshKing of Flowers
NalinWater Lotus
NalinikantHusband of Lotus
NallalaganGorgeous Man Very Handsome
NallasivanGod Sivan
NallavanBenevolent Kindly Nature
NamasthetuVanquisher of All Evils and Vices and Sins
NambiSelf Confident
NamdevLord Vishnu Poet Saint
NamishLord Vishnu
NamitBowed Down Modest
NanakGuru of the Sikhs First Sikh Guru
NandakishorMeritorious Great Achiever
NandakishoreLord Krishna
NandakumarLord Krishna Cute
NandanPleasing Son
NandinSon Delightful
NandishLord of Pleasure
NandKishoreLord Krishna
NandlaalLord Krishna
NandlalLord Krishna
NandNandanLord Krishna
NanjayyanGod Sivan
NanmaaranBenevolent and Brave
NannanBenevolent Name of a King
NaradIndian Saint Devotee of Narayan
NarahariLord Vishnu
NarasimhaAn Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
NarayanLord Vishnu
NarayanaVishnu Refuge of Man
NarayananTitle of Vishnu Krisna
NarendraKing of Men Humanity
NarendranathKing of Kings Emperor
NareshLord of Man The King The King of the Country
NarmadBringing Delight
NarottamBest Among Men
NarsiPoet Saint
NarsimhaLion Among Men
NartanaMakes Others Dance
NarunLeader of Men
NarunaLeader of Men
NatarajanGod Shiva
NateshwarLord of Dancers
NathanGift from God God has Given Given Husband Controller God Giver Gift Given by God
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